August 29, 2007


ARE YOU IN THAT MOOD YET?! 'Cuz I've been since 2001 when I first heard Mr. Joseph Budden Jr. (thats Joe Budden for all you slow-minded folk out there and Mr. "Pump It Up" for anyone else who's been under a rock since '03). As one of the first real Budden fans I can tell you once you get into his music - you get INTO his music. You start feenin' for that next hit and they just don't come at a quick enough pace. Mood Muzik II: The Worst of Joe Budden, came out back in November of 2005 and gained much acclaim as the mixtape of the year for 2006 and possibly the best work put out by any artist (that includes official albums and thats not just me saying it, check out any real Hip-Hop fan or even your very own fave magazines like Scratch and XXL cuz they said it as well) for that entire time.

Before MMII we were waiting for his sophmore album "The Growth" and even after that he promised us his sophmore album would be released but Def Jam just keeps him on the shelf expecting him to crank out another single like "Pump it Up"... IMPOSSIBLE! They need to just leave that alone and let the man be. Real fans want his deep introspective songs anyway. We could care less if he drops another Pump it Up as long as he hits us with more of that classic deep ish he always puts out on his albums and mixtapes, that Joe Beezy Pain-Rap.

Well now to the point of this post. Whoever's been waiting as anxiously as the Hand for "Mood Muzik 3" then there's good and bad news. The good news is that there's a vid we can all watch at the link below where he tells us that the mixtape is complete (well sort of). The bad news is that he also tells us in the vid that he doesn't know when its coming out and that it depends on DJ On Point and his team to put it out. As we all know they put a trailer out there earlier this year saying that it would be out by Summer 2007 but obviously it never dropped and the other dude in the video who's from Desert Storm (probably Webb or Nitty) says it should be a stocking stuffer for November or December (the 2 year anniversary since MMII dropped). Well enough blabbing, just watch the video Booda (Mr. NothingButEverything) put me onto and see for yourself.


Disclaimer: Pardon King Hand for his excessive use of "Mr. This" and "Mr. That", he was a bit tired as he wrote this post.

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