August 28, 2007

Kanye West Album Snippets

Kanye West "Graduation" Album Snippets

Well well well I came across this and I wanted people to judge for themselves- My vote is Graduation all day!!! - Curtis, the First half of the album is hot... then it just went up in flames I guess Fitty will be retiring - Hit me up and let me know what you guys thinK.

Track List:

1- Good Morning
2- Champion
3- Stronger
4- I Wonder
5- Good Life
6- Cant Tell Me Nothing
7- Barry Bonds
8- Drunk And Hot Girls
9- Flashing Lights
10- Everything I Am
11- The Glory
12- Homecoming
13- Big Brother

1 comment:

Joshua Robles said...

Great album man!
Can't wait till it really comes out.

Handsome, stop hating. Mega will eventually come out with his highly anticipated album, "Legal Hustle Presents: Got Beats?" Just be patient. That should be better than these 2, right?