August 20, 2007

MTV does it again...

Well just when you thought television couldn't get any cornier with all their celebs doing this and that reality shows, MTV decides to hit us with "Celebrity Rap Superstar" premiering August 30th at 10PM Eastern Time. It's just like Dancing with the Stars where they paired up celebrities with professional dancers but these celebrities will be paired up with the likes of Tone Loc, Paul Wall and Warren G (yes you heard right, Warren G is on another reality show, I guess the money's better than what his rap career was pulling in - ZILCH). They'll compete doing remakes of Hip-Hop classics and their very own "hits" from scratch. I most likely won't watch it but I'm sure some of you enjoy seeing celebrities make fools of themselves so check it out.

Oh yeah and for all you internet gossip fiends it is said that one of the celebrities (if you can consider him a celebrity) is none other than everyones fave blogger turned gossip "Kweeng" (think about it and remember that word, it'll become popular now and I birthed it :-D) the homie Perez Hilton.

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