September 12, 2007

50 Cent and Jim Jones On Rap City

Jim Jones and 50 Cent in the same room...nah nah the whole G-Unit and Jim Jones in the same room sounds better...Damn! Well things are looking up for Jim Jones, he claims he has a new deal on the table, a deal he cant refuse. I'm guessing the bird gang member will soon be a Gorilla Unit Soldier... This is were the beef ends and many more begin!

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King Hand The 1st said...

See not for nothin man but whoever knows Johnny Handsome knows I keep it straight hood, I was raised on principles and I dont have an issue with Jimmy gettin paid and using G-Unit as a vehicle but all I'm saying is he should seek approval from his childhood brother Cam'ron who is the only reason we even know who Jimmy is. Cam had an issue with this man and now u gonna side with him over your own brother? Like I said if he got the ok from Cam then this is a beautiful move for him to better his situation but if he just did it on his own and didn't even get an ok then he a bitchass faggot.