September 5, 2007

Britney Spears New Tracks

Britney's label is at it just leaking tracks out, trying to see which of these tracks will be played. Or maybe they want to see if brit still has it in her, you know testing the waters... - These tracks are produced by Danja Hands, Timbo and Ryan Leslie...Damn Ryan's track is the worst by FAR! - and he's a super talented individual, talk about not having your heart on a project! Lets hope Timbo didn't jack any beats on this one.

I always go for the UnderDog, I'm Hoping the pop star does her thing! - Check out the tracks and judge for yourselves.

1. Give Me More (produced by Danja Hands)
2. Break the Ice (produced by Danja Hands)
3. I said (produced by Timbo)
4. It Feels Nice (Prod. by Ryan Leslie)
5. What Ya Sippin On (Feat. AC)

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