September 12, 2007

GILLIE DA KID!!!!!! Gettin' Gully on the boy Cassidy!

Now whoever knows The Hand knows I'm a huge Cassidy fan and I think the boy is nasty on the mic but at the same time whoever knows me also knows I'S LOVE (no queer-ish) one of the hoodest dudes in Philly, Gillie Da Kid. I respect Gillie cuz he got on Sigel a few years back and made The Broad Street Bully fall back live on the radio. Now it appears Gillie was being nice on the new Ghetto Report DVD and he gave Cassidy a pass but then later on in the video they show Cassidy saying how is Gillie the King of Philly when he ain't even signed and been out for years - not a smart "hood" move. Now when you got someone of Gillie's caliber when it comes to the streets (especially in your own hood) you don't say little comments like that because you obviously know he's not talking about rap when he says he's the King of Philly. So Gilly gets played the video after shouting out Cass and he just goes off, he even went to Cassidy's own hood where he grew up and fully exposes him. Damn, sucks when the truth comes out. Enjoy!


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