September 16, 2007

JIN Rummy!

Im doing my thing on the net and i stumble upon this clip on youtube about the great FREESTYLER Jin. Where in the world did he go? I know his album didnt do well and all that but damn it seems like he dropped of the face of the earth. I think its safe to say that label politics had something to do with it. And really thinking about it that is some bullshit. I figure that they thought he wasn't marketable or something and left him to dry. Talent is talent regards man and like Immortal Technique said "there is a market for everything man, for chocolate covered roaches man, for pet psychologist man." This money making scheming shit really needs to go. Dudes like Jin who deserve some sunshine ain't getting it.

With time i guess things will change. We can never go back to the beginnings of this hole thing we call hip hop culture. Everybody is to invested with to many agendas that in the end only hurt the core beauty of this culture. And that can be said about any culture from its beginnings to its maturation. Until it gets better though...enjoy this fabulous TRUE freestyle from Jin against Verse.

Straight FIRE!! listen to the straight off the dome shit Jin has to offer. Third Round is destructive!

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