September 6, 2007

My dream come true - YAY APPLE!!!

We all got so caught up with the unveiling of the new 6th gen iPod, the iPod Touch, that we forgot to question what was going to happen with the orginal iPod? Well looks like Apple was sneaking into my convo's and decided to fulfill the Hand's dream, a 160 gig iPod! The old style iPod's (the most recent one was the iPod video) will not be abandoned. Instead Steve Jobs decided to beef it up and keep it around as "iPod Classic".

Now the 80 gig comes in at a SUPER reasonable price of just $250 and the new 160 gig is available at $350! This is such a great moment in history for me because I have a lot of music but I know it'll definitely take me a crazy long time to fill up this baby.

So yes the iPod touch is hot but for that I'll just get an iPhone because the difference in memory is not that serious and the iPhone doubles as yes - a phone. Until they can give me at least a 60 gig iPod touch I'll just go cop me a 160 gig classic ;-)...

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