October 15, 2007

Joe Budden Speaks To XXL.com

"I’ve been in conversations with Jay and L.A. [Reid, chairman of Island Def Jam] but, L.A. is not really hip-hop. That’s what he hired Jay-Z to do. I left my conversation with Jay empty again, with no answers and no responses. I set my mind up quite some time ago that I wanted to be released from Def Jam. Which is why I’ve been quiet and dormant for two years. They were thinking about dropping me when I put Mood Muzik 2 out. Then I put Mood Muzik 2 out and they decided to keep me. So I wasn’t going to have that happen this time. Mood Muzik 3 has been done for quite some time. Put it out for what? So my record label who does absolutely nothing with me can decide to keep me just because I can generate some type of interest on the street? I refuse to do that."

Check out the whole story over at XXL.COM

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