October 12, 2007

Kicks: Freddy Krueger Dunk SB Not To Be Released.

I'm a Nike dunk fanatic and when I heard that Nike was coming out with a Freddy Krueger inspired sneaker I went crazy. After all who hasn't watched a Freddy Krueger flick or dressed like him during Halloween (Nope I haven't dressed like him-lol). The rumor on the internet is that the Freddy Krueger concept sneaker will be scrapped. The sneaker giant Nike fears they will get sued by the movie company that owns the right to the Freddy Krueger Movies-

What is going on with Nike, they are they most recognized sneaker company in the planet...DO SOMETHING, I need these joints in my life, my little bro Jonathan and I have been waiting for months for these- and NO I'm not getting the samples on ebay for the outrageous price. - I still have hopes...kinda.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Damn man que tristesa loko we were waiting for them for months ojala they change their mind and come out!!

Jonathan the twin