October 25, 2007

The King of New Jerz!

Looks like there's some trouble brewin' in Jerz. I remember a few months back Joe Budden came out with a record called "Last Real Nigga Left" and in it he was taking shots at Ransom (who had said some things in a few songs but never directly mentioned Budden's name) and Stack Bundles - R.I.P -(I don't know what stirred that one up). Well everything was all fine after I guess because Budden and Ransom were on Fab's album together on "This Is Family". However I was surprised when my cousin Josh had told me last week that Ransom had gotten back on a track with his old partner Hitchcock and jumped on a new track for Joe Budden's "Mood Muzik Vol. 3: This One's for Hand" because Ransom and Hitchcock said they would never work together as the A-Team again. Well I knew it was all too good to last!

Earlier today Josh told me Ransom came out with a freestyle over "Big Brother" called "Kid Brother" taking shots at the King of New Jersey, Joe Budden (and a few references at Hitchcock but it was wack anyway). Then Josh told me Joey responded the very same day over "Heart of The City" (Budden is the MAN!!!) and he just ate him up if you ask Hand. Well listen and enjoy! My Name is Hand...

(LMAO at the part where Budden calls him a D-Block knock-off :-D)

Here are the two tracks. First "Kid Brother" then the response "Heart of The City"

Ransom "Kid Brother" (Joe Budden Diss Attempt)

Joe Budden "Heart of The City" (Ransom's Ass-Whoopin')

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