November 5, 2007

American Gangster #1!!!

The film "American Gangster" starring Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe, debuted at #1 in the box office by pulling in $46 Million Plus this weekend! I can't front, I was pulling for "Bee Movie" to be number one (it pulled in a nice 39 mill) but this feels even better. I actually saw both of them this weekend (well one I only caught half of, but it was a great half let me tell ya) and I think they deserve the 1 & 2 spots. THAT DUDE DENZEL DOESN'T FAIL!

Also go do yourselves a favor tomorrow and cop that Jay-Z "American Gangster" album, it's only right. Hand feels Jay's announcement of an album crafted because of what he felt when he saw the movie, is what brought at least a million wannabe gangster rappers to the theater this weekend (do the math, that accounts for at least $10 Million, I think Universal Pictures needs to cut Mr. Carter a check). They probably thought if they saw the movie they'd feel the same inspiration and knock out an ill album like Jigga... NAH! You ain't him homie, ease up.

In related news, Magic Juan of Proyecto Uno fame, is releasing "Dominican Gangster" this friday. It'll be distributed locally throughout Washington Heights, L.E.S., Corona Queens and the whole BX, from a few promotional mini-vans, pathfinders and vendors at Umbrella's Night-Club. It'll be a double disc pack, a DVD shot 2 weeks ago in different parts of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and a soundtrack about Magic Juan's rise and fall and his many struggles from a little boy in D.R. to a Spanish Merengue-Hop legend to his ongoing pursuit of acceptance in the hearts of current Reggaeton fans. I would like everyone who has no dignity or self-respect to go cop it... LMAO!!! I'm playin' man, this DVD/Soundtrack doesn't really exist, I just thought it would be some funny sh** if it really did - LMHAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Hand...