November 19, 2007

Now Saigon's Mad At Budden Too?!!!

Everybody wants to feel a certain way nowadays about Joe Budden. Any little thing the man says now they all want to take up an issue with him. It saddens me now that even a dude like Saigon, whose music I admire, has decided that a Joe Budden punchline, "Wit' the chicks I hit and run like Saigon", was a diss to him. IT AIN'T THAT SERIOUS! You are in the public eye chief and that comes with the territory! You did actually hit and run didn't you? It's on tape, its not like he's saying "I hit and run cuz I'm a pussy like Saigon" he's saying what you said and did, no one is saying you did it in a punk manner cuz the whole hood knows Saigon ain't no punk. Come on man - WE NEED TO STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST OUR OWN! Isn't that what In Arms Reach and Abandoned Nation are about? I don't know, but hopefully this will get settled cuz not only does this sadden me but the fact that he said he wants to leave the game sucks as well. The streets need the Yardfather. Don't go Sai, don't go...

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