March 26, 2008

Curtis With a New Video Game "Blood On The Sand"

The man is back in the game console... From "Bulletproof" To Blood On The Sand"

So what's this "Blood on the Sand" stuff? Why is 50 wearing desert camo? The developers won't say what 50 is doing in this game or where it takes place just yet. Blean will only explain that this "sequel" isn't really a sequel. It doesn't pick up the story of "Bulletproof," which depicted a violent adventure imagining a 50 Cent who had never gone into music.

"Blood on the Sand" is something more exotic, more Hollywood blockbuster. This game sets 50's character against a cabal of international gangsters on a far-flung, bullet-riddled adventure.

"I would say it's inspired by 'Three Kings' meets 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,' " Blean said. "It's definitely a crime story." The developer credited 50 with pushing the game creators to consider novel locations and said the MC played a big part in crafting the game's still-secret story.

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