March 25, 2008

Video: G-Unit "Bottom Girl" / My Thoughts

Whats going to happen to the major record labels and music networks (not that we need them with their dumb reality shows (when I'm bored I do watch.. I Can't front)... Things are looking bleak for them. Nowadays we have Youtube to watch the latest videos from any artist especially the independent one's.

We have to admire 50's (not Independent YET!) drive to take his career in his own hands by creating bringing out music and video's whenever he wants. He's back to his old self (circa 02') with the whole Mixtape movement - and on the digital grind.

Another perfect example of "Digital Grinnding" and going against the machine is the boy Ryan Leslie. He took YouTube and Myspace by storm with his artist Cassie. His label Next Selection is known because of his independent drive not because of a major label (Badboy came into play afterwards).

Some Artist have taking this route and haven't achieve success, but they should keep trying perfect the craft. Afterall, nothing comes easy.

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