September 30, 2008

Mixtape Download: Memphis Bleek "Eat Off The Land"

Memph Bleek Is... Memph Bleek Is... Back with a new mixtape. I can say that when first heard bleek back in the Jay-Z song "Coming Of Age" I thought the dude was dope! (Later I found out Jay wrote his rhymes for that track) But he has not been consistant at all.. I thought Bleek was going to hit the airwavews hard with that song ... damn I forgot the name but I do remember Rik Cordero directed the video. Well Bleek is back with none other then the Reasonable Doubt narrator Pain In Da Ass!! Now there goes a blast from the past! Enjoy the mixtape and please let me know what you think of it. Nope (you guesed it) I didnt listent to it yet, my laptop is about to explode with so much music. So I leave it up to you.

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