April 4, 2011

Eggs, Spinach, & Beans - Yum.


My dish may not look too appealing, but it tastes good to me and serves a bigger purpose - "Building La Bestia". For you non-Spanish speaking (reading) folk out in digital land, "La Bestia" stands for "The Beast", therefore I am currently building the beast (#BuildLaBestia for my fellow HashTag Fiends out there).

My meal is simple, 1/2 Carbs, 1/2 Protein, and pretty much zero to low-fat. Ingredient details available upon request, but pretty much I made some Spinach, Tomato, Turkey (I usually use Prosciutto but it has too much fat for my current purposes), diced Onion, Oregano, Tumeric, Garlic, & Taragon Egg Scramble (1 Whole Organic Egg & 3 Eggs whites), with some Red Pinto Beans (which I make over the weekend and just reheat when meal-time approaches), and voila - a #BuildLaBestia, muscle-feeding plate.

Enjoy! And God Bless :-D
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