August 31, 2007

50 Cent Says He Doesn't Know Who Joell Ortiz Is

Fiddy just did an interview with On Smash about a lot of issues, including upcoming rappers Tru Life, Papoose, Saigon and more. When asked about Joell Ortiz, 50 says, "He’s another that got dope wordplay. I just don’t know who he is at all based on the material he’s put out to this point. I still don’t have no idea who he is,” 50 said in the interview."

What do you think? Does 50 have a point?


AdotRobles said...

That dude fitty is bugging, how he is not going to know who JOELL is when they share the same fucking label...what dre signed like 20 ppl? someone please update me on this or is fitty just plainly hating!

King Hand The 1st said...

Whoever that moron is who posted before me didnt really understand 50's statement. 50 clearly said he's hot lyrically but no one knows who HE is, Joell Ortiz the person. All his mixtapes showcase his great rapping ability but none speak deeply of his personal life. I've heard Joell's unreleased personal songs so I know who he is and I'm sure everyone will know who he really is once his debut album drops because thats where he'll release these personal tracks. So yeah 50's not hating (even though he does at times but not in this case)

King Hand The 1st said...
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