August 16, 2007

Havoc says F@# T.I. ... And the South!

I'm a Queens New Yorker, I was practically raised on the whole Queens Bridge shit and I'm a big fan of the rappers from Queens!...Havoc from Mobb Deep (The Best Group out till they Signed to Fitty!) is one of my favorite producers for all his raw street shit, and I think he should just drop the mic and get back on the production tip!--
Anyway Havoc went on Shade 45 to...actually bash the south (but contradicts himself about ummmm a million times!) and takes a shot at the self proclaimed king of the South T.I. - saying "Fuck T.I., He cant fuck with M.O.B.B" - "The South, they're on their own dick, they're on their own dick"...
Look I'm from NYC, the Mecca of Hip-Hop, where the whole shit started and I love the Artist from my city, But I give credit where credit is due! And the south has been bubbling and doing their thing for the past few years. What does that say about us (NYC)? That we are not doing a good job of making good music. Who has the number one album right now? The dudes from Houston, UGK and I tip my hat to them!. I like to say that there's a time and place for everyone and this is the time for the south. I'm pretty sure we will get our turn to shine once again.
I think Havoc is taking his bosses approach..."Start some Beef before my album comes out." Well Hav that shit doesn't work for everyone. I think you just need to make good music and keep it moving!

Havoc- "This is where it started (NYC), this is where is going to end" (Lets hope he helps out!!!)

With that said,here is the link to the whole interview-

-Havoc talking nonsense-

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Handsome Island said...

Yeah this dude is a moron with saying he's not hating on the south but they suck, lol, and that they're doing the we are the world shit, we need to work together but then he's like they don't wanna start shit but the man has a great point with how ridiculous their hooks are and that Nelly shit was hilarious!!! SPEAK YA' MIND HAVOC! MY NEW FAVORITE SCHIZO!!!