September 13, 2007

50 Cent Talks Retirement!

As you watch this video you can see that fitty is just not happy. Maybe it's because kanye is beating him on album sells- The homey from South Side is going to retire...maybe after the next album drops, which he hints he will not promote because he is just tired. Look for 50 on G-Unit albums and appearing on his his artist albums,just like Jay-Z, he will be a featured Artist...why not? The life of taking private jets all over is just plane sickening for 50!..ish let me get that!


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King Hand The 1st said...

I love 50 man, his facial expressions are HILARIOUS! But I do and dont agree with his last statement. He's trying to make it look like he's just tired of the whole run around of promoting his music which I feel can be true once you're as paid as him but I also feel there's not much more he can bring to the game as an artist so it would be wise of him to just go out on top.