September 5, 2007

Apple Introduces The New iPhone,..I Mean, iPod!

Ok - here it is - the new reason why I hate Apple. I don't even have a year with my pretty video iPod yet and they go and do this! I don't need an iPhone because I prefer my blackberry, but I did drool over it when my friend got it. Now they go and unveil what looks like an iPhone but is really the new touch iPod. It's just like the iPhone except no camera, no phone.

Here's more info:
8mm wide and has the 3.5-inch widescreen display, and Wi-Fi, which will allow users to buy iTunes music wireless.

Jobs also announced a deal with Starbucks. When you enter a Starbucks with your iPod touch or iPhone, a Starbucks button pops up that gives you the option to buy music from the featured artist via the wireless connectivity.

The batter offers 22 hours of audio playback or 5 hours of video playback.

The iPod touch will be available this month in two configurations– an 8GB model for $299, and a 16GB for $399.


King Hand The 1st said...

The video ipod has been out for over a year now so I dont blame them for steppin it up already but this ish is gay cuz they used flash memory and can only go as far as 16 gigs because the newer technology is in development now

Joshua Robles said...

Lost my video ipod just a couple of weeks ago. This will more than do. I'm getting mines as soon as possible.