September 19, 2007


Many might not know who the homie Razah is - yet. He's a 23 year old R&B singer/song writer from Brownsville, Brooklyn. You've heard his songs before but probably haven't asked yourself who the singer was. This past spring he had a semi-smash here in NY on Hot 97, "Where Do We Go", it was so hot that it even prompted Rihanna and Rick Ross to jump on remixes (click -> here for the Rihanna Remix). He's now signed to Def Jam after grinding for over 2 years with ManHood Entertainment and with the help of DJ Enuff. His debut album should be coming out first quarter of 2008, it'll be titled "Breath of Fresh Air" and will contain the new single "Rain" which should be a smash as soon as Def Scam puts some marketing money into his project (this song is better than that J Holiday put you to bed crap). Check it out and let's hope Def Jam doesn't sleep on another artist like they always do. My name is Hand - BIETCH!!!

"Rain" by Razah

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