September 18, 2007

Goo' Bye Cincuenta - THE BOY 'YE IS ON FIYA SHUN!!!

Well looks like 50 is done. He lost his bet and will now be pulling out of his European tour and blames Def Jam for buying copies of Kanye's album. In it's first 6 days Kanye's "Graduation" moved 957,000 copies and 50's poor effort "Curtis" scanned in at 691,000. For anybody who cares that homo ass country dude, Kenny Chesney moved 387,000 after claiming no two rappers would outsell him (jokingly of course but we all know wherever there's humor there's always some truth that lies behind it). So after attacking Kanye for his feminine ways and teenage-girlesque temper tantrums, we need to get on 50 for claiming he was "cheated" out of his number 1 spot - sorry homie, but Yayo's album was better than "Curtis" L-A-M-O!!! HAHA!!! My name is Hand...

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