September 20, 2007

Music: Ne-Yo Feat. Kanye West & Young Leek "Where U Shoud Be"

Download the track : Ne-Yo Feat. Kanye West and Young Leek "Where U Should Be"

Very hot track...something to keep both these Def Jam monsters on the charts! (Dont know who young Leek is...can someone tell me..)

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Anonymous said...

waddup A! Young Leek is on the Def Jam roster as well, he's a cat from around my parts, Baltimore/DC. He had a lil' hit "Shake It, Jiggle It" about a year and a half ago

"shakin' it.. jigglin' it.. shakin' it, jigglin' it... YEAHHHH, shake & jiggle it shawwty"

ring any bells? prolly not..