September 20, 2007

Sheek Louch on J-Hood and appearing with 50 Cent

Everyone knows that J-hood has left D-Block, his former Rap Crew and production company. During 50 Cent 5 borough tour in NYC J-Hood appeared on stage with the Forbes millionaire and was screaming out "Fuck D-block" - Well in an exclusive interview with this is what Sheek Louch had to say about the young rapper....

“He is just being 50’s puppet as we speak in a very childish attempt to hurt D-Block, which in no way he can. Lyrically, I would never go at it with Joshua. It’s way too many things that I’ve been there for him as a father figure that he would not like if I spoke on. Not to mention, he is nowhere on the level as me or my partners — The LOX. And not to mention, we were never beefing. [So] for him to be talking so tough, just because we are not doing business, doesn’t mean we have to end on a bad note. Especially if you or nobody you be with is built that way. So I really don’t get lil’ guy. You see [Funkmaster] Flex and every DJ saying they will never play another J-Hood song again. He is hanging himself and I hope he gets a grip and thinks for himself like I taught him to. But I still wish ‘Hood the best in life and music.”

Also check out the new Track by J-hood. J-Hood thinks that by shouting out names of execs on a track is going to get him a deal! lets see if this works. J-Hood "Who ima sign 2"

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