September 20, 2007

Saigon Vs Prodigy @ SOB's Second Camera View

This is a view from one of Mobb Deeps peoples, as you can see all the ish talking AND the Havoc album cover all over it...lmao.

Saigon did what he had one in there right mind is going to stay and get there ass whooped - I thought about this while viewing the video...I watch a lot of Ultimate Fighting on Spike TV, I think they should invest in some of these hip hop beef...start a reality show with all hip hop artist that have beef with each other..- and believe me you will see who talks the talk and who walks the walk (I know i'm just plain ignorant today!..LOL)

Check out Saigon's hype man just punch the shit out of Prodigy and then jump off the stage...LMAO!!

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