September 26, 2007

Sheek Louch "I eat Breakfast in Front of J-Hoods House"

It seems like the big homey Sheek Louch from the group THE LOX is getting a tad bit frustrated with his former artist and friend... Here is what he had to saw the XXL.COM

I didn’t even have the talk with him. Him and Styles had the talk about going their separate ways. I don’t know why he’s calling me out. Yo, Hood, when your stepfather was touching on your body, fam, I went and ran in your house and got ’em. Me and my goons ran in and got your step-pops for you. And a list of other things, but I just want to throw that one out there to sting him a little bit. That was me. Remember, Hood? That’s big homie. And I still don’t have no beef with you, until this day. But you getting out of hand. I may have to smack you on your head a little bit and [make him] stand in the corner or something. [Laughs] After I work out every day, at least four times a week, I go eat my lunch in front of [J-Hood’s] house. I sit there, beep the horn, make my calls, chill [and] wait to see who comes in. [Laughs] Yo, Hood, did you move or something?

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