October 26, 2007

Beat Jacking on Jay-Z's American Gangster?!

Ski Beatz has been producing for Jay-Z since the beginning... Reasonable Doubt has Ski's sound all over the place... "Dead Presidents" need I say more. So all of us have heard the new American Gangster Album (Leaks) ... One of the tracks is called "Fallin'" (produced by Jermaine Dupri and co-produced by NoID) It just so happens that Ski has the same sample and had sent it over to Def Jam a while back- no its not totally jacked but... check it out (XXL.COM)

This is what Ski had to say about the whole thing...

“I did the beat first. That beat got played for so many people. I sent it out. [They] could have bit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean [he bit] when you fucking with samples; [they] could have just found the same one. I’ll let the people decide. I got my new artist Pittsburgh Slim signed over at Def Jam, [so] how ironic.” - Ski Beatz

Now that's a full time....JACK MOVE!!!!

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