October 17, 2007

Nas: Leader of the Free World, Marketing Genius or BOTH???

Looks like God's Son did it again! He's had the internet goin' nuts for the past few days ever since announcing he would title his next album "NIGGA" and now he's got the boob-tube on fire! I know many people disagree with Nas on his title choice and that I may be one out of only a few supporters for his most recent decision but if you watch this video and don't feel like standing up to the man (just the first few minutes with that dumb bitch from Fox reciting rhymes and sounding like a fu**ing tard got me heated enough!) then I don't know what side you wit' young homies. They used the same damn Bill O'Faggot video for God sake and they also cut off the dude from AllHipHop when he's making a point about white racism currently going on! Conveniently ending the discussion HA!

Well anyway keep in mind that Nas was going to name his last album "Nigga" at first and then changed it to "The N" because of label pressures. Then with the change in Hip-Hop he recorded new material and named it "Hip-Hop Is Dead" to prove another point. Also another thing you need to realize is that this could all just be a big marketing plot (I hope not) since Nas knows it would garner so much attention that the label heads wouldn't allow its release anyway (I wish they would). I for one hope he's serious about the title and that he doesn't let them make him back down. Call me crazy or whatever but this rap ish has always been about freedom of speech and not letting them hold you down yet when Nas decides to keep it funky everyone wants to switch it up and say he's O.D.'ing - ALL OF YOU ARE FAKE FU**S!!! A tear for the real :'(. Let's see what the Street's Disciple decides to do now that he has their ears...

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