October 13, 2007

October 12, 2007

Kicks: Freddy Krueger Dunk SB Not To Be Released.

I'm a Nike dunk fanatic and when I heard that Nike was coming out with a Freddy Krueger inspired sneaker I went crazy. After all who hasn't watched a Freddy Krueger flick or dressed like him during Halloween (Nope I haven't dressed like him-lol). The rumor on the internet is that the Freddy Krueger concept sneaker will be scrapped. The sneaker giant Nike fears they will get sued by the movie company that owns the right to the Freddy Krueger Movies-

What is going on with Nike, they are they most recognized sneaker company in the planet...DO SOMETHING, I need these joints in my life, my little bro Jonathan and I have been waiting for months for these- and NO I'm not getting the samples on ebay for the outrageous price. - I still have hopes...kinda.

Ras Kass Released from Capitol Records

This is what Rass Kass had to say at press time...

"I am just relieved and thankful to my management team, my attorney Nyanza Shaw, OGPR and all of the music press that showed me love and support these past few years. Now I am anxious to finally be able to pursue my passion, spread my wings and remind the world why Ras Kass is one of the greatest MC's of all time; dead or alive!" says Ras.

Why everyone claims they are the best... shit even bloggers do this!!!

Check out the whole story at DX

Music: Cassie "In Love With the DJ"

The oh so not talented singer is back on the scene... and this time around she's in love with the DJ or should I say producer Ryan Leslie- Are they still together or did the whole diddy thing broke them up? (Holla at me on that one)... As fly as she is she should just let go of the whole singing career and just model - Kanye is listed to produce some of her songs...but I doubt that he will do justice to her career...but heyyy you never know right!

In Love With the DJ

Jena Six - Mychal Bell is Back In Jail.

Mychal Bell, one of the teens accused of beating a white classmate and one of the "Jena Six" has been ordered back to jail, his father said Thursday.

"He's locked up again," Jones said. "No bail has been set or nothing. He's a young man who's been thrown in jail again and again, and he just has to take it."

A judge revoked his probation because of previous juvenile offices.

Check out the full story >>Here<<

October 11, 2007

Video: Jay-Z Feat. Pharrell "Blue Magic"

Via: Nah Right

Audio: Jay-Z Conference Call (Young Sav, Steve-O, EP)

Check out the the Big Homie Jay-Z on the Def jam American Gangster Conference call-

Shouts to LowKey (yes homie I had to get it up here)

Video: Irv Gotti On The Angie Martinez Show

Video: Math Hoffa Spits one for ya!

Via: EgRadioonline.com

Lace Me up!

This is for all my Sneaker Heads...You know who you are, The ones that still collect the box and give me the lame excuse that you are "collecting" them or that the "light bulbs" rays will make your kicks yellow (lol - I believe you... sometimes) - Lace up them bright ass kicks and read this Article on the NY Times I posted this for ya'll and you say I don't look out, that I'm just all Music and no Fashion...well here is my start! Take that! Take that!
Oh yeah Shouts to my good friends over at KICKSCLUSIVE MAGAZINE - They put me on to everything right Louis Colon III! (Still waiting on my Mag homie!)

Wu-Tang Clan's 8 Diagrams Tour Dates

Wu-Tang Clan - 2007 Tour dates
10/20 - Miami, FL
10/21 - Atlanta, GA
10/22 - North Carolina
10/23 - Vermont
10/24 - Connecticut
10/25 - Baltimore, MD
10/26 - Boston, MA
10/27 - New York, NY
10/28 - New Jersey
10/30 - Cincinnati, OH
10/31 - Madison, WI
11/1 - Detroit, MI
11/3 - Chicago, IL
11/4 - Milwaukee, WI
11/5 - Memphis, TN
11/7 - Oklahoma City, OK
11/8 - Dallas, TX
11/10 - Austin, TX
11/11 - Denver, CO
11/14 - Phoenix, AZ
11/15 - Utah
11/16 - Las Vegas, NV
11/17 - Los Angeles, CA
11/18 - San Francisco, CA
11/20 - Portland, OR
11/23 - Hawaii

Kanye West Working on Michael Jackson's Album

The homey Kanye West has lent a helping hand on crafting the New Macheal Jackson Album. Well good luck, I hope this works out for the King of Pop...but if it fails to be a smash, you think Kanye Will spas out? I surely think so and of course he will blame it on Mike..- Check out the details on...BallerStatus

This was suppose to be a Pharrell project...what happened, Neptunes sit down and let Ye' do his thing!

Foxy Brown Assaults A Dude With her Cell (Caught On Tape)

Yeah we all know that Fox Boogie Brown is in jail at the moment but i managed to get this on YouTube- and she wonders why she is in the can right now...- Check out the chic with the camera...

Music: Saigon "??" (Snippet)

This was posted by Producer Just Blaze - and this is supposedly the title "---" (He has a Title for it) But JB is a joke-ster so I'll just leave it untitled right...- yeah. I'm not falling for that one!

Saigon (Snippet)

Rock Corps - Just BlazeTV

For some reason... As I was watching this and checking out the whole vibe of it... was cool, Until Nick Cannon didn't shut the hell up during Just Blaze and Marley Marl Set - Someone should've threw him off the stage! Enjoy.

Via: Nah Right

October 10, 2007

Jay-Z "Roc Boys" World Premier!!!!

NEWWWWW JAY-Z Everyone will give you the straight up DJ ENUFF rip... But i rather NOT....clean and uncut...raw - Im the dope boy of the year!!! -

Jay-Z "Roc Boys"

Videe: Kanye Vs. Mos Def (part 2)

Check out Blocksavvy. for the 1st part! -

Music: Tweet feat. T.I. "My Dear" (She's Back!)

The Southern Hummingbird is back...- I know she came back before, but no one noticed..did you? Well I am glad she is back, check out the new single with the self proclaimed King of the South... T.I.

Tweet Feat. T.I. "My Dear"

Young Jeezy, T.I. and Fabolous Nominated for 2007 American Music Awards


Favorite Band, Due or Group:
Bone Thugs~N~Harmony
Pretty Ricky
Shop Boyz

Favorite Male Artist:
Young Jeezy

Favorite Album:
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Strength & Loyalty
T.I. – T.I. vs. T.I.P.
Young Jeezy – The Inspiration

Video: Papoose "I Get Gully"

Papoose, with "I get Gully" video.... Is that Ray J next to him in the video. What in the hell is the male version of superhead doing in a gully ass video like this... Acting all hard...- You was never hard man... I still remember that video of you singing in the rain! LMAO -

Ghostface Killa Announces NEW ALBUM!

So me and my cuz Handsome we get to talking...How the fuck does Def Jam permit this - First they have ghostface drop 2 albums in the same year (which is cool)- but then Joe Budden doesnt come out at all and he gets released from Def Jam. Someone is NOT doing there JOB on 8th ave!
So this album is suppose to come out the same day that Saigon is going to come out...does this mean that the old head suits are going to take the same approach as 50 and Ye'... I hope not!

Music: Ludacris Feat. Rick Ross and Bun B "Down In the Dirty South"

This Track is a Banger!...

Ludacris Feat. Rick Ross and Bun B "Down In the Dirty South"

Prodigy From Mobb Deep Found Guilty (3 1/2 In The Can)

I remember watching some type of documentary on Mobb Deep a couple of years back, when P was living in jers. He was just talking all that rapper garbage with a gun in his hand .... yeap in his car - and I thought to myself, these dues are bound to get in trouble for doing stupid shit like this! -- Well there it goes 3 1/2 for being a super thug!
Homey got rocked by Saigon, now he will be getting squeezed by bubba!...

Rapper Prodigy pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a loaded gun Tuesday in a deal that will put him behind bars for the next 3-1/2 years.

The 32-year-old Queens native interrupted his trial in Manhattan Supreme Court to admit to owning the unlicensed .22-caliber pistol found in an armrest of his bulletproofed Chevy Suburban last October in Chelsea.

October 9, 2007

Music: Britney Spears Feat Lil Wayne "Gimme More"(Official Remix)

Anyone that knows me knows that I cant stand Lil Wayne and his retarded dumb rhymes... and I always said I wouldn't post anything that had to deal with his music...oh well Britney's Remix gave him a chance at NothingButEverything.Net.
check out the official Remix:"Gimme More" Feat. Lil Wayne... - Thanks to JesuseHeartMusic

Britney Spears Feat. Lil Wayne "Gimme More"

Trina looking very ummm Adobe'd-

Check out Trina on the October Issue of Ocean Drive Magazine...WTF happened, where is the booty...her nice legs...shit them Photoshop dudes over at Ocean Drive Magazine SUCK!... And Trina let this happened?

Joe Budden Has been Released From Def Jam

Finally Def Jam has released one of its most talented Artist Joe Budden!.. I just posted a new song of his...and look ha ha ha Great fucking news! Tell'em HAND

"I'm just happy we were finally able to cut all ties. I feel like I have all the talent in the world, but for some reason was never able to showcase it there,” Budden told AllHipHop.com. “I'm looking forward to whatever God has in store for me, and Joe Budden fans should know - today is a beautiful day." -Joe Budden

Check out the Rest Of the Story on AllHipHop

Music: Joe Budden Feat. T-Rock, Nemo & 151 "Start Sumthin"

Joe Budden - Feat. T-Rock, Nemo & 151 "Start Sumthin"

Kanye + Takashi Murakami + Jewelry = Mo' Money Mo' Money

Kanye West aka The Loui Vuitton Don has teamed up with Takashi Murakami, (the artist who design his cover art work for the album "graduation) to design jewelry. All this this traveling has gotten Kanye inspired to design jewelry, very well...get richer homie. There's no word on when the jewelry will be available, but Ye' has stated that it will be affordable to everyone since all the pieces wont have diamonds (lmao we get the wack shit don't we Ye') One of the pieces from Ye's line was unveiled at the the Givenchy show in New York on Wednesday October 3rd, during which he was spotted sporting a large type of Japanese animation Manga-inspired diamond studded gold pendant. This hasn't been the first time Ye' has designed jewels, the kid did design some custom Jesus pieces with none other the Jacob the jeweler- Jacob...where you at!

October 8, 2007

Music: The L.O.X "You Dont Want It"

The LOX are finally back...well not that they weren't hitting us with mixtapes or music, but this sounds official- like they are back on there grind! Check out the new track off of the New DJ Clue Mixtape "The Storm Ultimatum"

THE LOX "You Dont Want IT"

Making of a mogul: Antonio "L.A." Reid

One of the most powerful executives in the music industry and a triple Grammy-winner, he's in his fourth year as chairman of Island Def Jam Music Group. The star-maker has discovered talents such as Usher, Avril Lavigne and OutKast. But Reid has not forgotten his Cincinnati roots.

"I'm the only African-American in the business that does music across the board. That's the thing that makes me unique," he says, ticking off a diverse list of artists he is guiding, from Fall Out Boy, the Killers, Bon Jovi, Melissa Etheridge and Lionel Richie to Jay-Z and Ludacris.

Check out the whole story HERE

Video: Iron Iron Solomon Vs. Math Hoffa

Round #1

Round #2

Round #3

Yeah yeah, I never heard of math Hoffa shit my first time but he definitely put a hurting on the #1 battle Mc...Iron Solomon. Don't get me wrong (and this is just MY OPINION) Solomon is nice and he had a couple of nice jabs at Math..but math came out strong in this one...-

October 7, 2007

Video: How The ROC Crumbled!!!

Music: New Britney Spears Tracks (Produced By Pharrell)

Britney is trying to hit every single angle by enlisting all the major producer... My question is which producer will revive her career... I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Stupid Things Feat. Pharrell-

Sugarfalls Feat. Pharrell-