September 1, 2007

Pimp C disses Young Jeezy

I don't know where this is stemming from but it appears Young Jeezy said something wrong about the O.G. Pimp C so he came and put out a wack verse on a wacker beat dissing Jeezy. Check it out on's audio section by clicking hurr.

And if I'm late with this then sorry but I really don't care. :-D - HAN'SON'!!!

One Bush Two Bush...

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Check this shit out. British artist Jonathan Yeo got a commission from the Bush administration to do a portrait of Bush. Dude is that nice. So the admin decided to nix the project. Yeo decided to go ahead with the portrait anyways and did Bush's beautiful mug with nothing but cutouts from PORN magazines. Talk about Bush! Check it out for yourself at

Jonathan Yeo's Bush

Do you think about me now and then?

Dude i've been stuck on that kanye song. "homecoming". It is beyond beautiful. the classic piano loop is addicting. Personally i have had no homecoming in the works but stuff like this makes you want to have some shit like this in the future. Its that real upbeat success story type shit. With time and effort shit will happen. May it inspire your future fuckers! To infinity and beyond!

Kanyeeze's Homecoming

August 31, 2007

iTunes Store to stop selling NBC shows

Apple said Friday that it will stop selling NBC Universal television shows through the iTunes Store. Apple said it’s doing so because NBC wanted Apple to “pay more than double the wholesale price” for each NBC TV episode, which would have upped user costs to $4.99 per episode, up from $1.99 presently.

NBC Universal is plainly bugging the hell out, why be greedy when you're show's are the ones that sell the most in the iTunes store! - I'm happy iTunes is standing firm and removing them from the iTunes store - They will come back I'm more then sure.

Check out the rest of the story on

50 Cent Says He Doesn't Know Who Joell Ortiz Is

Fiddy just did an interview with On Smash about a lot of issues, including upcoming rappers Tru Life, Papoose, Saigon and more. When asked about Joell Ortiz, 50 says, "He’s another that got dope wordplay. I just don’t know who he is at all based on the material he’s put out to this point. I still don’t have no idea who he is,” 50 said in the interview."

What do you think? Does 50 have a point?

Common & Q-Tip Join Forces

In an exclusive interview with, A Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip, reveals he’s forming a new group with Common entitled The Standard. “Me and Common [are] getting ready to form a group,” ‘Tip tells “We’ll probably run it through the Uni [Universal Records] joint because we’re both on Universal.” According to The Abstract, it was Common who suggested the two from a group. “It was more of his suggestion,” he says. “He was like, “We just need to do a record.” So I’m really excited about that.” While the two haven’t started recording together yet, The Standard will start churning out material once the two starting touring together in a few weeks. As far as the production on the album, though, fans can expect Q-Tip to handle the majority. “I’m probably gonna do a lot of it,” ‘Tip says. “And we’ll get Kanye [West] on a couple things, but you know, that cat is busy.”

August 30, 2007

Britney Makes Her Comeback!!

Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration but we just heard her new single "Gimme More" on Perez Hilton and the song is hot. It's catchy and it's very Britney..the stuff that made her the princess of pop.

Listen to it here.

Sean Kingston To Play Biggie

According to Ballerstatus, Sean Kingston is set to play The Notorious B.I.G. in the biopic about the late rapper's life produced by Diddy.

Well, the kid looks just like him, but it can be really easy to mess this movie up! We'll see what happens!

Our homie at Jesus Hearts Music has just posted that Fox Searchlight has denied that Kingston will be playing the role of Biggie. Instead, he points to 3 really good contenders. Check them out here.

Amy Winehouse Drops out from MTV VMA Performance

Amy Winehouse has canceled her performance at the VMA's and also the rest of her US tour to focus on her health ... Shit man I thought I was going to see her perform and act a fool, or be drunk as hell on stage not remembering her lyrics... But I do hope all turns out well for her-

Check out the rest of the Story here

Jennifer Lopez Feat. Ludacris "Do It Well" Remix

Jenny from the Block is back and she is jacking for beats - I believe she did this in her last albums--!... Mr. Cheeks is going to be very upset about this one or NOT, fuck it he might think he can get on the Remix to the Remix -

Jennifer Lopez Feat. Ludacris "Do It Well"

Loving Alicia Keys' New Single

Finally, Alicia Keys is back with new material and I must say I am loving the first single, "No One."

Go over to Concrete Loop to hear the song.

Kanye West Feat Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes "Cant Tell Me Nothing" Remix

“Let ‘em hate though, I’m on my way to the bank. L.M.A.O.” - Lil Wayne

Kanye West Feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes "Cant Tell Me Nothing" Remix

N.O.R.E Feat. Three 6 Mafia "That Club Shit"

N.O.R.E Feat. Three 6 Mafia "That Club Shit"

August 29, 2007


ARE YOU IN THAT MOOD YET?! 'Cuz I've been since 2001 when I first heard Mr. Joseph Budden Jr. (thats Joe Budden for all you slow-minded folk out there and Mr. "Pump It Up" for anyone else who's been under a rock since '03). As one of the first real Budden fans I can tell you once you get into his music - you get INTO his music. You start feenin' for that next hit and they just don't come at a quick enough pace. Mood Muzik II: The Worst of Joe Budden, came out back in November of 2005 and gained much acclaim as the mixtape of the year for 2006 and possibly the best work put out by any artist (that includes official albums and thats not just me saying it, check out any real Hip-Hop fan or even your very own fave magazines like Scratch and XXL cuz they said it as well) for that entire time.

Before MMII we were waiting for his sophmore album "The Growth" and even after that he promised us his sophmore album would be released but Def Jam just keeps him on the shelf expecting him to crank out another single like "Pump it Up"... IMPOSSIBLE! They need to just leave that alone and let the man be. Real fans want his deep introspective songs anyway. We could care less if he drops another Pump it Up as long as he hits us with more of that classic deep ish he always puts out on his albums and mixtapes, that Joe Beezy Pain-Rap.

Well now to the point of this post. Whoever's been waiting as anxiously as the Hand for "Mood Muzik 3" then there's good and bad news. The good news is that there's a vid we can all watch at the link below where he tells us that the mixtape is complete (well sort of). The bad news is that he also tells us in the vid that he doesn't know when its coming out and that it depends on DJ On Point and his team to put it out. As we all know they put a trailer out there earlier this year saying that it would be out by Summer 2007 but obviously it never dropped and the other dude in the video who's from Desert Storm (probably Webb or Nitty) says it should be a stocking stuffer for November or December (the 2 year anniversary since MMII dropped). Well enough blabbing, just watch the video Booda (Mr. NothingButEverything) put me onto and see for yourself.


Disclaimer: Pardon King Hand for his excessive use of "Mr. This" and "Mr. That", he was a bit tired as he wrote this post.

"Feel The Noise" Lead Single- Omarion Feat. Kat DeLuna "Cut Off Time"

The lead single is inspired by the film and is performed by
Omarion and features Kat DeLuna

This is the Official First Single off the "Feel the Noise" Movie produced by Jennifer Lopez- Starring Omarion with musical lead Role by none other then the reggeaton star Voltio. Also appearances by Alexis & Fido and Vico C (the old school homey gracing the big screen)

I'm glad Kat DeLuna is doing her thing (check her track all over the trailer), my ex bosses should be kicking themselves in the ass right now! (they should've signed her!)
Kat just needs better song writers because her voice is amazing ... Hire Ne-Yo to help her in the writing!- hint to her A&R Department!

Check out the Official Trailer!

Jennifer Lopez Isn't Looking So Good!

This is a pic of Jennifer from her David LaChapelle video shoot. it safe to say she's lost it? Too much make up to hide the bags and wrinkles around her eyes!

Kanye Holds Listening Party in New York

Kanye held his listening party for "Graduation" in NYC last night for music industry insiders. Word on the street is that the album is all that, so 50, start packing.

He also put together his own visuals to go along with the music.

Ne-Yo Speaks on Britney's Comeback

Ne-Yo spills the beans on what's going on with Britney's album to Ryan Seacrest:

“I have no idea what’s going on with Britney Spears right now. The last thing I heard was that Britney was mad at me over some songs that were supposed to go to her that wound up going to Nicole Scherzinger. She got the first look. I wrote the songs for Britney Spears, but this was before she shaved her head and went into rehab again. Nicole took the songs and recorded them.

Here’s how it happened, I was working with Britney Spear’s people. I wrote 6 to 8 songs for Britney Spears, working really closely with her A&R people at her label. Then Britney Spears goes ahead and shaves her head and goes into rehab. When that happened, I lost all contact with her A&R people, with her label. I was calling them, they weren’t returning phone calls, wouldn’t answer my calls. I’m like, ‘Alright. I guess they’re not interested anymore.’ In the process of all that going on, that’s when I met [Pussycat Doll] Nicole Scherzinger. She’s like, ‘Hey, I’m putting an album together, I’d love you to be a part of it.’ I played her two songs, she loved them. They cut a check, she recorded the songs. Those are her songs. After that happened, that’s when Britney Spears’ people called me like, ‘Hey, why are you giving away Britney’s music?’ I’m like, hold on. Y’all ain’t cutting me no check!”

Sorry Boys - Jessica Alba NOT Single

Sorry boys, but the secci (non) Latina Jessica Alba is not single as rumored. From this pic above, she is obviously still committed to Cash Warren.

It's the One-Man Band SLUMP!

Looks like the ish hit the fan for Big Swizzle on his latest effort "One Man Band Man". The long awaited album from the super-producer only moved 45K it's first week, getting outsold by the back-packer word masher Talib Kweli who is said to have sold 60K on his first week out. Lookin' like a good year for the back-pack gang.

August 28, 2007

Kanye Let Me Down!

Here's some behind the scenes footage from Kanye's David LaChapelle photoshoot for MTV's VMA's. As I watched this footage, I felt like I had seen him in that vest on another occasion and I did! He wore the same vest this past Sunday on Entourage! Very disappointing coming from a fashionista like Kanye! And why is Rihanna all over him rubbing his back?

Calle 13 Speaks on IMMIGRATION and Corrupt Cops In P.R.

Calle 13 continues to speak out against injustice…
3rd single
“Pal’ Norte” feat. Orishas
is dedicated to all the immigrants across the world
  • “the biggest breakout [story] in the Latin world last year… clever rhymes (think Eminem at his best) go from witty to salacious to outright shocking” - BILLBOARD, COVER STORY
  • “Calle 13 has emerged as one of pop's most playful satirists and profound idealists.” –Newsday
  • “[One of] the best [Latin Grammy] nominees…The lyrics are clever--often hilarious”- TIME Magazine
  • “Provocative, outrageously irreverent… one of the most musically adventurous groups in Latin hip-hop maybe in hip-hop, period… Nothing so raw & outrageous has ever been heard in Latin music” – LA Times
  • “one of the most anticipated Latin music CDs in years” - LATINA Magazine
  • “the most ground-breaking album of the year…an artistic evolution. Or maybe a revolution”– Miami Herald
  • “sophisticated musicianship…one of the most anticipated Latin albums of the year” – Washington Post

My grand pops, who raised me from the time I was a teenager, never liked Rap music. He only heard the curses (Y porque el fuck fuck y bitch this, ha?) and never the messages that were behind all of that(you can't expect an old school man to change his ways and listen beyond anything that he says!). Well, ever since I was a kid I listened to Rap music, but I was raised in the Dominican Republic until the age of 13 (off and on, came to see pop dukes every summer so I was always intune with rap music), and out there I listened to Vico-C, Dj Raymon and many other Latin rappers (no, I don't expect anyone to know who they are). They had great messages about the struggle and what they went through with corrupt cops out in Puerto Rico. Well, I guess things haven't changed and it's like this everywhere else here in the US, out in PR, and also in other countries.

Calle 13 is not your regular reggeaton group. They came with crazy concepts... So nuts that when my girl put me on to them... I heard their material and I was like these dudes are nuts (lol) - Well they are the opposite of pop reggeaton, they say what they want and what they feel at any given moment whether you like it or not, whether you think it's stupid or not. With these 2 tracks they speak on Police brutality in PR and the immigrants (all) in US- Check out the lyrics to "Pal Norte" --- Oh yeah disregard the curses (grand pops)


Tengo el antídoto
Pa’l que no tiene identidad
Somos idénticos
Al que llego sin avisar
Vengo tranquilito
Para los que ya no están
Para los que están y los que vienen.

(Verso 1)

Unas piernas que respiran
Veneno de serpiente
Por el camino del viento
Voy soplando agua ardiente…

Un nómada sin rumbo,
La energía negativa yo la derrumbo
Con mis pesuñas de cordero
Me propuse a recorrer el continente entero
Sin brújula, sin tiempo, sin agenda
Inspirao’ por las leyendas
Por historias empaquetadas en lata
Por los cuentos que la luna relata
Aprendí a caminar sin un mapa
A irme de caminata
Sin comodidades, sin lujos
Protegido por los santos y los brujos
Aprendí a escribir carbonerías en mi libreta
Y con un mismo idioma sacudir todo el planeta
Aprendí que mi pueblo todavía reza
Por que las fucking autoridades y la puta realeza
Todavía se mueven por debajo de la mesa
Aprendí a tragarme la depresión con cerveza
A mi patrono yo lo escupo desde las montañas
Y con mi propia saliva enveneno su champaña


(Verso 2)

En tu sonrisa yo veo una guerrilla
Una aventura, un movimiento,
Tu lenguaje, tu acento
Yo quiero descubrir lo que ya estaba descubierto
Ser un emigrante, ese es mi deporte
Hoy me voy pa’l norte sin pasaporte
Sin trasporte, a pie, con las patas
Pero no importa este hombre se hidrata
Con lo que retrata mi pupila
Cargo con un par de paisajes en mi mochila
Cargo con vitamina de clorofila
Cargo con un rosario que me vigila
Yo sueño con cruzar el meridiano
Resbalando por las cuerdas del cuatro de Aureliano
Y llegarle tempranito temprano a la orilla
Por el desierto, con los pies a la parrilla
Vamos por debajo de la tierra como las ardillas
Voy a cruzar la muralla,
Yo soy un intruso
Con identidad de recluso
Por eso me convierto en buzo
Y buceo por debajo de la tierra
Pa’ que no me vean los guardias y los perros no me huelan
Abuela, no se preocupe
Que en mi cuello cuelga la virgen de la Guadalupe.


Calle 13- Tributo a la Policia

Calle 13- Pal Norte Feat. Orishas

I Am Sooooo Going to Watch This!

Can Perez Hilton be turned into a rap superstar? No, but it will sure as hell be entertaining!

Tune into MTV this Thursday at 10pm to see what happens!

Baby Bash Is Doing His Thing

Baby Bash sure has a lot to be thankful for lately. His new album "Cyclone," drops on October 16th, and the single featuring T-Pain is top 10 on the rap & rhythm charts.

Mariah Complains

Now while the rest of us get up early to go to our boring jobs, Mariah has a lot to complain about as well. While talking about her new upcoming album with Interview Magazine, she said, "Yes, sometimes it’s tough because I’ve got to sleep 15 hours to sing the way I want to. "

Oh boo hoo!

AND THEN, she goes on to say how she's working with a bunch of rappers and taking a different direction with this album, and says, "I sat in the hot tub the other night playing some songs for some friends and one of them felt that it was a very pro-woman kind of thing. And I was like, 'You know what, I didn’t do that intentionally.' It is not that the songs are male-bashing, but she felt that it was very empowered-woman moment."

Excuse me? Sitting in a bath tub while you played music for your friends? What???

Three More Years of Cartman! Yeaaa!!!

The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have just signed on to continue the series for three more years and $75 MILLION DOLLARS!!! Nice!

Kanye West Album Snippets

Kanye West "Graduation" Album Snippets

Well well well I came across this and I wanted people to judge for themselves- My vote is Graduation all day!!! - Curtis, the First half of the album is hot... then it just went up in flames I guess Fitty will be retiring - Hit me up and let me know what you guys thinK.

Track List:

1- Good Morning
2- Champion
3- Stronger
4- I Wonder
5- Good Life
6- Cant Tell Me Nothing
7- Barry Bonds
8- Drunk And Hot Girls
9- Flashing Lights
10- Everything I Am
11- The Glory
12- Homecoming
13- Big Brother

50 Cent Album Snippets

50 Cent "Curtis" (Snippets)

Track List:

1- Intro
2- My Gun Go Off
3- Man Down
4- I'll Still Kill
5- I Get Money
6- Come & Go
7- Ayo Technology
8- Follow My Lead
9- Movin' on Up
10- Straight To The Bank
11- Amusement Park
12- Fully Loaded Clip
13- Peep Show
14- Fire
15- All Of Me
16- Curtis 187
17- Touch The Sky

Video: Consequence "Uncle Rahiem"

Ok someone tell the director not to ever ever ever ever do a close up on Cons, cause homey is just plain teeth!

August 27, 2007

M.I.A. News and Music!

My fav Sri Lankan/ English Hip Hop star / political commentator just gave an interview to NOW Magazine about her new album, Kala. Check out some cool music too!

Click Here

Kanye West On Entourage

Kanye is doing his thing no doubt about that. He appears on one of the best shows on T.V. and his album is dropping in a few- Just by appearing on this show he will be outselling fitty!(yeah i said it!) I do have to say one thing, fitty and Kanye have one more thing in common apart from there release dates... none of them can play themselves on screen!...LMAO

Oh yeah I got pinched by wifey when the flight attendants came on the screen- I dont know i just had to tilt my head! LMAO-

Common Feat Lily Allen "Drivin' Me Wild"

Everyone doesn't like the chic but i think she's a good artist, and we share the same opinion about the US president!- I hope we get to see her soon in the states- Some might feel the


Spendin cash at the bar to get credit
Drinkin Chaundon just because Big said it
They say Ye is but dude was big headed
Rocked the fur in the summer so somebody'd pet it
He had a fetish for shoes that's athletic
Pathetic on his MySpace page half nekkid

This had me rolling cause I know a couple of cats that act this way...LMAO u know who u are fuckers!

The Mighty iPhone has been unlocked!

As some of you may know King Hand is currently in Kentucky handling some business. Well I picked up the Lexington Herald and there's an interesting story for those of you who desperately want an iPhone but don't have At&T/ Cingular service. Some 17 year old kid was able to unlock the code and now he made it so that the iPhone can be operated on T-Mobile as well as most services outside of the United States (sorry Sprint & Verizon users but you dudes are on some totally different system than Cingular and T-Mo). He traded his hacked iPhone for a 350z and three locked iPhones (this kid is cakin' in!) but if you want to check out his blog and find out how much he'd hack an iPhone for you then check out his blog - JTag.

John Singleton Kills a Pedestrian!

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Oscar-nominated director John Singleton was driving a Lexus SUV when it struck and killed a jaywalker who stepped in front of the car, police said Friday. Singleton, 39, immediately stopped his car and waited for police to arrive after the accident Thursday night in the city’s Jefferson Park neighborhood, said Officer Jason Lee, a police spokesman.

Wow - what is going on with people this weekend?

Owen Wilson Tries Commiting Suicide?

This is really sad news. The National Enquirer is reporting that Owen Wilson has been hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt. I know it's the National Enquirer and all, but he did overdose and apparently he had tried to slit his wrists.