December 12, 2007

Video: Sean Kingston "Kingston"

Video: Ryan Leslie Recording "Diamond Girl"

This Track has been out for a while but check out the kid doing his thing in the studio...

Music: Janet Jackson "FeedBack"

Janet Jackson "FeedBack" (Prod. by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins)

Music: Lil Kim "The Miseducationv Of Lil Kim" Mixtape (Remy Ma Dis)

Lil Kim "The Miseducation of Lil Kim" Mixtape (Remy Ma Dis)

Download Track

Audio: Lil Wayne On Beef

Lil Wayne must've been pretty high during this interview

"I will murder your new born"

You know how I feel about this not so talented guy. He's making it worse with comments like the one above. Lil Wayne needs to stop doing these interviews after an all night binge on coke and dope-

December 11, 2007

Fashion: 10 Deep Holiday Lookbook.

Check out one of the original New York streetwear brands 10 Deep- Check out their Holiday Look Book!... FRESH!

Video: Hi-Tek Feat. Cross, Showtime, Mann & Chipp The Rippa "Ohio All Stars"

Video: De-Haven is back...AGAIN!

De-haven is still on the BS... No one is listening! He makes no sense on the "why" he is exposing Jay-Z... and if they were to squash the "beef" (which I don't see) would they be friends again, De-haven had to think about that one... but I knew the real answer - "YES!" But he wanted to go the "fuck that dude" route and said No...but you had to think about it De-haven, didn't you? De-haven is not fulling anyone... He is after the gold and after that the platinum.

Video: Mike Jones Feat. Hurricane Chris "Drop & Gimme 50"

Via: NahRight

How Records Get Leaked

Pimp C's Last Performace

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Streaming On MTV

Music: Preview The WU Album - 8 Diagram

Alright so you read the rants from Wu Members Ghostface and Raekwon. They weren't all behind the project because Rza was being the "Hip Hop Hippie" - Well I wanted to listen for myself and give the album a chance...without actually buying it. Umm no I didn't download it for See I was consumed by all the negative press on the album and I didn't want to give it a chance - But I received this link from my girl and I started to listen....and its a WU TANG ALBUM straight Staten Island!- take a listen and cop the album cause I am.

(I gotta stop reading blogs and let the music speak for itself...LMAO!!!!)

Solange Knowles Signs to Geffen

Solange Knowles, Beyonce's younger sister, recently signed to Geffen Records and plans to release her sophomore album, "Just What I Want" in the second quarter of 2008.

"Her record is totally bananas," Geffen Records chairman Ron Fair tells "It's not what people would expect from her. The music is more eclectic and international. She's in her own lane."

"It's a touch of retro with beautiful R&B songs and influences of early Natalie Cole and Carole King, and she's only 22," he continues. "I'm crazy about the Pharrell Williams' record that she recently finished, called 'I Decided.' We're finishing the album now."

I am def not looking forward to this...

Jay-Z Talks Def Jam

The New York Daily News said last week that talks were stalling because you made some big demands. Is there any truth to that?

So from your perspective, do you think you'll be at Def Jam next year?
Yeah, I think — I don't know. Let me not even say that. I don't know. We'll see how it goes. But seriously, it's not about money. That's really the last thing. Of course, as a person that does these type of things and puts his heart and soul into it — and it's effective, as the Grammys would indicate — you want to be compensated for what you do. But it's really not about money. It's really about the future of the music business, and not wasting anyone's time. I don't ever want to sit in a seat just to sit in a seat. I could be off doing something else that's beneficial to the future of the music business as well as myself. So it's not about money! I mean, you couldn't pay me enough. And I don't mean that in a cocky way.

Does something like these Grammy nominations change that equation for you at all? Does that make you excited about staying in this position?
Nah. I always knew what we were doing. Even if the outside world didn't know what we were doing, I knew the plan was to make great music and we'll get through all adversities, all the trouble of the music business, with great music. 'Cause great music gon' win at the end of the day. Not gimmicks, not fads. Just great music.

Check out Full Sotory EW

December 10, 2007

Kidz In The Hall Support Barack Obama

Kidz In The Hall record "Work To Do" in support of the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign.

Video: Rick Ross ft. R. Kelly - Speedin’

Can someone tell Dj Khalid to shut up with the "Weee the best" bullshit! - I like Rick Ross but isn't his stuff sounding the same every time.

Joe Budden- MM3 Trailer

After tomorrow you wont want to see these anymore... just pump that MM3!


Apparently another DJ Drama came forward to contest Drama's claim on the name, and after being unable to reach an agreement, Drama and Atlantic Records were forced to go another route.

"This punk @$$ dude came outta nowhere and started yapping to the label," Drama explained. "I was ready to cut him a check. I was going to cut him a nice check. I was gonna give him some money for the name, because he can't go nowhere and say DJ Drama and they think it's really him. You might as well just give up the name you not gonna be able to do nothing with it, but his punk @$$ disappeared."

Micheal Vick Gets 23 Months In the Slammer!

Quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for plotting to run an interstate dogfighting ring.

U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson today gave the suspended National Football League player less than half the maximum five-year penalty for his role in buying, training and killing dogs while funding gambling on fights held on his property in Surry County, Virginia.

Vick also received three years probation.

Check out Full Story Here

Video: AZ Feat. Styles P "Hardest Out" Produced by Large Professor

Video: Now is Whoo Kid With The White Powder -

Curtis doesnt give up... I'm pretty sure that DJ WHOO KID is going to bouce from the

Video: The DEY "Give You The World"

What up everyone!!!! I've been M.I.A for a couple of days. What can I say... I have a life!

Anyway here is my first post of the -

I've known about The DEY for a year and a half. They are a pretty hot group, the girl has a great voice (yes I saw her live!) Check them out let me know what you guys think