October 5, 2007

Video: Jim Jones Has Something to say about Cam'ron

We have to stop trying to interview rappers when they are getting high...The interview overall is ok- Jim does answer every question on as far as G-Unit and Cam-

"Finding Cam is like Finding Nemo right now, when you see him tell him im looking for him man" - Jim Jones

Shouts to Jim Jones for signing a multi million dollar contract with Rick Ruben - The dude is about his business!

Video: Irv Gotti's Vh1 Trailer-

We can all tune to VH1 on October 15th to watch Irv Gotti... This might be interesting, check out the trailer- Oh yeah check out the homie Newz do his thing in the booth!...

Video: On the Set of Kanye West "The Good Life" Video

Hip Hop Honors 2007 - Pics

I'm super busy today (or just plain lazy)...so I'm just goign to re-route you guy's to my homie's Tims Site so you can check out all the pics and what my boy had to say about the Hip Hop Honors -> JesusHeartsMusic

Event: Sneaker Pimps Presents- Nas And EPMD!!!

If you happened to be in the NYC Area...Make sure you don't miss this event. One of the best rappers NAS and one of the best groups in hip hop history perform live Friday October 12th at the Roseland Ballroom.
This Event will be available to you via Kickslcusive T.V. - If you dont know...now you know...

Britney's "Gimme More" Video

Here it is people. I've got nothing to say!

Video: Keyshia Cole "Shoulda Let You Go.”

This is the second single from Keyshia Cole's new album Just Like You. Keyshia is doing big things..Her album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 300 thousand the first week out! Keep doing it Keyshia... The video is hot and she is dancing and doing all the things keyshia wasn't doing when i went to see her open up for Kanye- She is definitely growing as an artist.

Music: Nas "Surviving The Times"

The Homie Hose wrote about this song last week- I know he was driving back home from partying with me and a couple of other friends over at Rewind- When he heard this song... I then posted the wrong song..but here is the one that hose heard...HOT!

Nas "Surviving The Times"

Video: Freeway 16 BARS

I think Freeway got too into it, cause he went more then 16 Bars on this one...lol

October 4, 2007

Video: Aftermath Studio Session Pt. 1

I sense that Busta is kind of scare of whats going on in the music biz...and he's putting out his biz out like that...Nah you are not getting 4Mill to get your album done. Technology and the Internet is winning right now so get to it Busta Rhymes make your own video's and blast them on Youtube..-

Im the star now Busta!...Get with the computers man get with the computers!..-

Music: Jeru The Damaja "Quantom Leap"

So I really haven't heard anything from Jeru The Damaja in a long ass time, or I'm i just under a rock- He reminds me of the days of Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito - Anyway enjoy the track and let me know what you think...

Jeru The Damaja "Quantom Leap"

Music: Consequence "The Cons Vol.5" Mixtape By Whoo Kid

Download The Mixtape!

Saigon's "Come on Baby" Video...(pics)

Ok ok, So I wake up this morning got ready real quick to come to the family biz and do what I do every day...um close to nothing but hey its my job!
Anyway I get a quick link from one of my friends with a "what do you think" after the link- So I go to the link, and it doesnt work on safari...so im like "I hope it's not one of these reggeaton song or videos" (Sorry I just cant take the same beat over and over again for the past what...6 years, point made). So I go into my other web browser and nope it wasn't nothing reggeaton, it was none other than the rough cut of Saigon's New Video "Come On Baby" Feat. Swizz Beatz- ahhhhhh shiiit... I'm a big Saigon Fan so right now I feel like a little kid during Xmas-

You have cameos from Just Blaze (Funny ass dude)- Anyway if you think I'm going to spoil this for the masses then you thought wrong!!!- Just envision black and white and punk rockers all over , oh yeah and the "revenge of Ricky Ricardo"....LMAO

Saigon- "Where is Swizz"? Just Blaza- "He's Upstairs Rocking and Rolling"

I'm off to watch it over and over again.
No worries when I get the actual final cut I will post it up! Aiight - ONE!

Music: Lloyd Banks "Death Wish" (download Mixtape Here)

This is from the New DJ WHOO-KID Mixtape "Sabrina's Baby Boy" Hosted by Chris Rock (?)... This is the last of the G-Unit radio Mixtapes, So enjoy-

Dissing Fat Joe and The Lox - A little too late Banks!

Download the Mixtape: "Sabrina's Baby Boy"

October 3, 2007

Britney Spears Label Speaks (Jive)

This is what Britney's Label spokesman Allan Mayer had to say to MTV News:

“It’s not Jive’s place to fashion a public-relations campaign with respect to Britney’s personal issues, but Jive does care about her and does support her. We’re not pointing fingers — because the media and the paparazzi wouldn’t exist if there weren’t an appetite for it. But there’s no question that when you have someone at this level of celebrity, they become like cartoons or soap-opera characters, and we forget that they’re human beings. People say that’s the trade you make, that you have to give up your privacy or the ability to lead a normal life, but sometimes you make that bargain before you realize what it entails and it’s too late. Britney’s a grown woman, and she makes her own choices, and we respect that. But she’s been at a disadvantage [without a consistent team], and obviously that makes it harder to cope.”

This is very true, Britney doesn't have any one to guide her career in the right direction. Her life is just falling apart little by little - Hopefully she pick ups the pieces before is too late... I'm still rooting for ya Brit!

Movie: Aliens vs. Predator Trailer (Gory Scenes)

I guess I'm posting too much Movie trailers, oh well...As a kid I love the Alien movies and the Predator's also- So check this restricted trailer and tell me what you think...red and green blood all over the place... a lot of gory scenes on this one-

Trailer: Mr. Untouchable (Nicky Barnes)

The true-life story of Harlem’s notorious Nicky Barnes, a junkie turned multimillionaire drug-lord. MR. UNTOUCHABLE is directed by Marc Levin. It is produced in association with Damon Dash Enterprises and Blowback Productions.

Video: Curtis "So Serious"

I gave you guy's the track last week, check out the video via Smack DVD-
Shouts to OnSmash

Video: T.I. "Hurt" Feat. AlfaMega and Busta Rhymes

Music: Exclusive // Wu-Tang - "The Heart Gently Weeps"

Ripped From Loud.Com...-

Video: Kanye West Cover Shoot For XXL

Via Kanye's Blog

50 Before the Cents...

Well for those of us who remember the whole Jiggy-Era and how all the hard groups were trying to make club songs (my fave was "If You Think I'm Jiggy" by the LOX lol) you'll probably recognize this song - "React" by Onyx. They tried sampling Slick Rick and making a club hit out of his classic cut some 10 years later. I remember the song perfectly due to the fact they had used my favorite childhood rapper's song, I just never knew there was a video and on top of that I never even noticed 50 was the second dude on the second verse because obviously he was a nobody at that time. Well here's the video "React" by Onyx feat. 50 Cent. Jam Master Jay was the one that hooked it up, I just read about it in the new Scratch, which is said to be the final one, boo-hoo.

Video: Caught Beating Off...At Work!

My boy Randy calls me up last night (while im getting rejected to my friends party for having kicks on...losers!) and tells me to search "caught jerking off" on Youtube- So I brushed him off, argued that he should just send me the link..(lazy fuck!) So I said "yeah yeah aight cool". I actually thought Randy was fucking with me, but I came home after the quick txt from the promoters at the party (NO SNEAKERS) ummm there was a lot of heads in there with kicks on!!!...- ((I'm More then sure if my boy Edsta was here that wouldn't be a a fucking problem but being that these dudes are all high and mighty..LMAO - sorry I had to laugh at that- they didn't let me in)) back to the story.... Anyway- I decided to search for the video..well there it goes and it had me on the floor...good looks Randy... "WHO DID YOU SEND THAT TO, YOU THINK THAT SHIT IS FUNNY...LMAO!

Music: Eminem

This is something new from the long lost rapper Eminem. Well to tell you the truth I'm far from impressed- I hope this is not on his up coming album...he is doing a Britney, just throw out tracks to see if he is still hot- I can tell you this one is not going to work - lets go back to the drawing board buddy. We need the old Eminem not Bizarre's hype man-

Untitled- RADIO Rip from Whoo Kid

Pharrell On The Set Of the Blue Magic Video

October 2, 2007

Lil Wayne Has No Response Towards 50's Songs and Calling him a Whore!

Lil Wayne sat down with Vibe magazine and this is what he had to say about the whole 50 cent diss song and comments...

So you don’t have anything to say in response to him calling you a whore?
A person like 50 Cent say anything about me, you gotta understand, that’s what makes them who they are. So me getting mad, that would be outta Lil Wayne’s character. There’s been plenty of recorders right here in my face saying, What you think about such-and-such saying…? Nothing! I don’t think nothing! That ain’t me, I’m from New Orleans, man, we kill, for real, I’m not gonna stress that!

Read the rest of the article-*

Man the fuck up homie...stop that "We Kill For real" bullshit... I smell pussy, Is that you Wayyyne.-

Friday The 13th Coming to You Via Michael Bay

Transformers director Michael Bay is set to produce a remake of Friday the 13th - Man iI can't wait... I use to love this movie - Lets hope he does a good job on this ish

Laces Womans Clothing Launch Party 9/26

I'm Kind of late on this but its one of those things that you cant forget...so even if i'm late i'm still on fucking time!

My homie Louis Colon (with the white shirt) and his company over at LACES, launched their new womans line with a great party on September 26th. Lou has been doing his thing for quite some time... From starting his Sneaker magazine (I still don't get my shit lou!) Kicksclusive to opening the Laces Sneakers store for woman to jumping into Fashion with a womans line for Laces. I will keep everyone posted on this line... Word on the street is that the line is OFF THE HOOK.. Oh yeah who else can throw a party better then Big Lou...Congrats!

Check out some of the pics of the Event :




Music: Pete Rock "'Till I Retire"

Pete Rock is back! well he never left but hey... Man finally someones from New York Addresses the fact that we (NYC) are hating on the South! - You have to listen to this track, speaking the truth all through out..

"Pete when your album drop,...when Hip Hop's heat supposedly Stops!" - Pete Rock

Pete Rock "Till I Retire"

Video: Young Joc Feat. Mike Carlito And Gorilla Zoe "Getting To Da Money"

Music: Red Cafe & Dj Envy Feat. Sheek Louch & G. Rap

Red Cafe & Dj Envy are set to release their album the Co-Op Next Week - Here's a little taste of what they are bringing apart from their radio single! This is what happens when BK, Queens and Yonkers get together in a Studio...BUCK BUCK BUCK..CAUSE I DONT PLAY CLOWN...TAKE THAT WITH YOU ON THE WAY DOWN!...

This track takes me back to 93'

Lets Take it back there for a moment-

Official American Gangster Track Listing-

Check out the track listen for Jay-Z's New Album American Gangster over at my homey's JesusHeartsMusic HERE!!!

Saigon FINALLY got a Date!!!

Everybody's favorite tough guy finally got a release date! Saigon told MTV his album will be dropping on December 4th (Jigga Man's B-Day) and that he's excited and very confident about dropping in the 4th quarter with all the big dogs. He's referring to Jay's "American Gangster" and the rumored Nas LP that is said to becoming out 4th quarter of this year also. Well good luck chief, a lot of people are pulling for you.

On other release date news, Eve's "Here I Am" that was scheduled for an October 16th release, has been indefinitely pushed to a 2008 release. Sorry female rappers but it seems like you guys are slowly dwindling away :-(.

My name is Hand...

October 1, 2007

Britney Loses Kids

Everyone's fav unfit mother lost both of her sons today! Check out the official paper work here, courtesy of TMZ.

Honestly, I think it's great. This girl is obviously in a bad mental state and needs to take care of herself before she can be around two little boys who need her undivided attention.

Music: G-Unit "Coke Life"

From the New Mixtape...G-unit radio 25

Video: Ja Rule "Body" (Dirty Version)

I got some criticisms when i posted the pg version of the video...BUT TALK NOW FUCKERS...Enjoy!..LMAO

Behind the Scenes of the Movie American Gangster

Here's an exclusive behind the scenes look of the movie American Gangster - Interview with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

Video of will.i.am's 'I Got It From My Mama'

Will.i.Am has remixed his first single "I Got It From My Mama" which has been rejected by the group sampled on the remix...Draft Punk. I'm guessing they were cool with Kanye sampling they're stuff... or they just didn't like the Will.I.Am remix. Will.I.Am didn't just sample draft punks music he also copied a couple of things fron Draft "Technologic" Video-

Draft Punk Video: "Technologic"

September 30, 2007

Music/Video: 50 Cent "So Serious" - Also 50 On Jimmy Kimmel

50 Cent - So Serious (Radio Rip)

Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans On the Jamie Foxx Show

Download the mp3 of the Interview >Here<

Music: Young Buck "Class In Session"

Radio Rip from Hot 97- Young Buck getting at Fat Joe, Dj Khalid and Lil Wayne

Young Buck - "Class In Session"

Music: Trina "Single Again"

This is supposedly the single that was stolen from the Slip N Slide Studio... Oh well let me know if it was worth the thieves time...

Trine - "Single Again"

Music: Little Brother Feat. feat. Carlitta Durand "Time of Your Life"

This Track will not appear on there upcoming album The Get Back

Kanye's Performance on SNL

Video: Kanye West On SNL (Spoof)

Pretty Funny Ish...