March 27, 2008

Video: III Doctrine On Chuck Phillips

"Do that... and then we call it even!"

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Remy Ma Found Guilty... Off She Goes!

Remy Ma was cuffed and taken away today after she was found guilty on four charges. SOHH reports that Remy cried, "Oh My God" as they escorted her out of the courtroom.

Remy's brother hollered out, "This is bullsh*t," as the verdict was being read. He was also escorted out of the court room. Remy's stylist cried.

Remy was found guilty on charges of first-degree assault, attempted coercion, possession of a deadly weapon, and felony assault. She faces up to 25 years in the big house.

Music/Download: Cassie "Thirsty"

Cassie "Thirsty"

Thanks to the hommy Tim Over @ JesusHeartsMusic

Music/Download: Beyonce "Beautiful Nightmare"

Beyonce "Beautiful Nightmare"

Thank God the Nightmare was not a Country song. Don't the first few notes of the Synth sound a bit like Prince song...?

March 26, 2008

Music: AC "New Soul"

AC "New Soul" {Produced by Mental Instruments}

Pete Rock Interview (Via - 247HH)

Video: Green Lantern On Da Spot (DVD Trailer)

Video: Graduation Listening Videos Part 3 & 4

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Kanye West Gets Sued Over "Good Life Sample"

In a rambling lawsuit filed in Maryland District Court, Dayna Staggs (aka D'Mystro) is suing Kanye -- and his record label, Roc-a-Fella -- for copyright infringement. Staggs says that West "didn't obtain a license to use 'Volume of Good Life'" for his tune, and points out that Kanye was "only at the age of 6 or 7 years of age [sic]" when his song was written.

D'Mystro is also peeved because Kanye's song "contains vulgar and offensive" images and "harms the reputation" of his much cleaner song. He wants 85% of all world sales of the proceeds from the music that uses his work, though he doesn't explain how he came up with that number. Kanye's label hasn't returned a message seeking comment.

Real quick... doesn't Def Jam employ people that clear samples.. Someone is getting FIRED! - Oh and KanYe is gonna have to write a couple of big Checks to this dude.


Curtis With a New Video Game "Blood On The Sand"

The man is back in the game console... From "Bulletproof" To Blood On The Sand"

So what's this "Blood on the Sand" stuff? Why is 50 wearing desert camo? The developers won't say what 50 is doing in this game or where it takes place just yet. Blean will only explain that this "sequel" isn't really a sequel. It doesn't pick up the story of "Bulletproof," which depicted a violent adventure imagining a 50 Cent who had never gone into music.

"Blood on the Sand" is something more exotic, more Hollywood blockbuster. This game sets 50's character against a cabal of international gangsters on a far-flung, bullet-riddled adventure.

"I would say it's inspired by 'Three Kings' meets 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,' " Blean said. "It's definitely a crime story." The developer credited 50 with pushing the game creators to consider novel locations and said the MC played a big part in crafting the game's still-secret story.

March 25, 2008

“Record Company People Are Shady!”

Taken From H.E.R

Video: G-Unit "Bottom Girl" / My Thoughts

Whats going to happen to the major record labels and music networks (not that we need them with their dumb reality shows (when I'm bored I do watch.. I Can't front)... Things are looking bleak for them. Nowadays we have Youtube to watch the latest videos from any artist especially the independent one's.

We have to admire 50's (not Independent YET!) drive to take his career in his own hands by creating bringing out music and video's whenever he wants. He's back to his old self (circa 02') with the whole Mixtape movement - and on the digital grind.

Another perfect example of "Digital Grinnding" and going against the machine is the boy Ryan Leslie. He took YouTube and Myspace by storm with his artist Cassie. His label Next Selection is known because of his independent drive not because of a major label (Badboy came into play afterwards).

Some Artist have taking this route and haven't achieve success, but they should keep trying perfect the craft. Afterall, nothing comes easy.

March 23, 2008

Just Me...

I always pass by The Smoke Shop but today there was something really wrong about it...

After all my running around today... Im finally home in my brand new Chankletas (thank's babe!) See you guys on Monday with more NothingButEverything.

Suge Knight Has Some Unfinished Business

Suge Knight is trying to make it back in the Music Industry with his New Reality show "Unfinished Business" (not sure what networked picked this up). I'm one of the people that goes for the under dog, and I would like to see what he has to bring to the table as far as talent. I want to see if he was really the top exec in the west coast. But watching this trailer lets me know that Suge has not changed for the better at all.. Now we can see what went on back then in the Death Row Record Offices. Just check out the trailer let me know what you think.