September 21, 2007

It's About Time!

I got to give props to the homie Eliot Spitzer. He's supposed to announce a law that'll let illegal immigrants in New York obtain driver's licenses which in turn can help them find more jobs. This is big to anyone who's parents are illegal aliens and I think it shows social progress here in the U.S. and the greatest state in North America, New York.

You can read more here.

Trailer for Jay Z's "Blue Magic"

Trailer for Jay Z's "Blue Magic"

Lauren and Audrina In Underwear

I'm not gay but I can see how this video for Maxim would make you guys out there fans of The Hills as well!

Angelina Has Only Slept With 4 Men! Riiiiiight!

In an interview with Cosmo mag in England, Angelina Jolie has said that she has only, "slept with four men in my life — and I married two of them!"

Ok, be fair, maybe she has,..BUT how many women has she slept with?

Check out more about this interview here.

I'm Carrie!

I am soooo happy that there's going to be a Sex and The City movie coming out next May! It's great to get new storylines to take in! Here's a pic of SJP wearing one of her fabulous Carrie outfits in NYC from the filming of the movie.

Remy Ma Dresses Up For Court

I really have no words and can't say I'm surprised either! At least she's not like in a bikini or whatever crap she likes to wear.

Christina Aguilera's Boobs Will Explode

Xtina went out for a stroll showing off her ginormous chichis today. Funny how she shows those off but not the baby bump!

Peter Rosenberg Interviews Curtis

Ja Rule Feat. Ashley Joi - "Body"

Aiiiight the homey Ja-Rule is on top of his game with this song...hey this is what he does, he sings/raps for the ladies - I think he should stay in that lane, and not try to come on some hard stuff..why because if he sticks to this format he might just sell some records! ...Timing is everything right!? and this dude picked the wrong time to come out again..LOL wow...HOLA HOVITO!

Anyway this track reminds me of Ja back in 200o "Between Me And You" Feat. Chritina Millan

Dr. Dre- Detox...Not Ready Yet!

It seems like we have to keep waiting for Dr. Dre's Master piece... the good doctor has to stop going to the gym so much and just bless us with some DETOX Music! Check out the full Interview on the L.A. Times

Jay-Z "Blue Magic" Produced by Pharrell

Jay-Z "Blue Magic" Produced by Pharrell

No Flex in the background dropping Enjoy

September 20, 2007

Music: Little Brother "Cool as a Fan"

It's almost coming...

Hearing ordered for jailed Jena teen (Jena 6)

A court orders a hearing into whether the only one of the "Jena 6" still behind bars can be released. The hearing was ordered Thursday as thousands of people marched through the tiny Louisiana town demanding justice after what they consider unequal punishments in two racially charged incidents- Check out the developing story on...>>>>> CNN

Saigon Vs Prodigy @ SOB's Second Camera View

This is a view from one of Mobb Deeps peoples, as you can see all the ish talking AND the Havoc album cover all over it...lmao.

Saigon did what he had one in there right mind is going to stay and get there ass whooped - I thought about this while viewing the video...I watch a lot of Ultimate Fighting on Spike TV, I think they should invest in some of these hip hop beef...start a reality show with all hip hop artist that have beef with each other..- and believe me you will see who talks the talk and who walks the walk (I know i'm just plain ignorant today!..LOL)

Check out Saigon's hype man just punch the shit out of Prodigy and then jump off the stage...LMAO!!

Sheek Louch on J-Hood and appearing with 50 Cent

Everyone knows that J-hood has left D-Block, his former Rap Crew and production company. During 50 Cent 5 borough tour in NYC J-Hood appeared on stage with the Forbes millionaire and was screaming out "Fuck D-block" - Well in an exclusive interview with this is what Sheek Louch had to say about the young rapper....

“He is just being 50’s puppet as we speak in a very childish attempt to hurt D-Block, which in no way he can. Lyrically, I would never go at it with Joshua. It’s way too many things that I’ve been there for him as a father figure that he would not like if I spoke on. Not to mention, he is nowhere on the level as me or my partners — The LOX. And not to mention, we were never beefing. [So] for him to be talking so tough, just because we are not doing business, doesn’t mean we have to end on a bad note. Especially if you or nobody you be with is built that way. So I really don’t get lil’ guy. You see [Funkmaster] Flex and every DJ saying they will never play another J-Hood song again. He is hanging himself and I hope he gets a grip and thinks for himself like I taught him to. But I still wish ‘Hood the best in life and music.”

Also check out the new Track by J-hood. J-Hood thinks that by shouting out names of execs on a track is going to get him a deal! lets see if this works. J-Hood "Who ima sign 2"

Music: Ne-Yo Feat. Kanye West & Young Leek "Where U Shoud Be"

Download the track : Ne-Yo Feat. Kanye West and Young Leek "Where U Should Be"

Very hot track...something to keep both these Def Jam monsters on the charts! (Dont know who young Leek is...can someone tell me..)

Video: KanYe West- "Stronger" Revised...The Process

Kanye West wasnt happy with the "kick" he had in the origina "Stronger" Mix... So being the dedicated Artist/Producer that he is, He decided to look for the RIGHT kick and who else would have that kick then the Maestro himself Timbaland! -

My cousin showed me this version a couple of weeks ago, before this video came about. I have to say at times I'm just plain deaf... I couldnt hear the difference till today when i saw the Enjoy my peoples

Saigon Vs. Prodigy @ SOB's

I was trying to get the video of Saigon Supposedly getting chased by the Mobb Deep crew...but youtube took it down, I got this one...and you can see Saigon Taking a couple of head shots at Prodigy... sup with these lil dudes, I think frustration has sunk in... We are not looking for there albums to come out anymore...and im still waiting on Saigon's album to come out.. Jus Get on your JOB!

Saigon Explains his side of the Story on his myspace page...check it out!

September 19, 2007

New Jay-Z Album On its Way!!!

The Internet is going nuts! (I always wanted to use that from Paul Wall..LOL), so rumor has it that Big Brother Jay-Z will be dropping a new album this 4th quarter! and if this is so he must've had everyone over at Def Jam on tight lips! The Name of the album will be "American Gangster" like that upcoming Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

Funk Flex has the new track and he will be dropping bombs tomorrow night! So stay tune!

Check out the rest of the story HERE!

Oscar De La Hoya In Womans Underwear!!! Check out Pics

I'm Not a boxing fan by all means, and I always thought he was kind of fruity...ummm does this mean I was right!
Oscar De La Hoya must of lost a bet...because shit like this and in this era of technology, is just bound to hit the net and go down in History! WHAT A FUCKING MORON!

Joell Ortiz live at New York's SOB's

Joell Ortiz performing at his HOUSE...New York's SOB's!

Royce The 5'9 Vs Mistah Fab

I cant believe I missed this Shit!...Mistah Fab did his thing on Royce thank god for YOUTUBE!...I gotta say that I love the SOB's Crowd "get him outta here!" LMAO!

Termanology "So Amazing" Video

I've been hearing about this kid for a while now... never paid any attention, didn't buy any of his mixtapes. The video my did catch my attention it gives it that whole Gangstar feel (yes cause of the big homey Primo on the Oxygen 8!) The dude term sounds pretty good...

I Love New York 2 (Midget Mac Audition Tape)

When I saw this...I thought it was a joke! But the dude sent this tape to VH1 as his audition tape for the "I love New York 2" season. They need to pick him!..I need to laugh my ass off and I know this dude can make that happen!..Come on Vh1 Cast this midget..PLEASE!!!


Many might not know who the homie Razah is - yet. He's a 23 year old R&B singer/song writer from Brownsville, Brooklyn. You've heard his songs before but probably haven't asked yourself who the singer was. This past spring he had a semi-smash here in NY on Hot 97, "Where Do We Go", it was so hot that it even prompted Rihanna and Rick Ross to jump on remixes (click -> here for the Rihanna Remix). He's now signed to Def Jam after grinding for over 2 years with ManHood Entertainment and with the help of DJ Enuff. His debut album should be coming out first quarter of 2008, it'll be titled "Breath of Fresh Air" and will contain the new single "Rain" which should be a smash as soon as Def Scam puts some marketing money into his project (this song is better than that J Holiday put you to bed crap). Check it out and let's hope Def Jam doesn't sleep on another artist like they always do. My name is Hand - BIETCH!!!

"Rain" by Razah

September 18, 2007

Goo' Bye Cincuenta - THE BOY 'YE IS ON FIYA SHUN!!!

Well looks like 50 is done. He lost his bet and will now be pulling out of his European tour and blames Def Jam for buying copies of Kanye's album. In it's first 6 days Kanye's "Graduation" moved 957,000 copies and 50's poor effort "Curtis" scanned in at 691,000. For anybody who cares that homo ass country dude, Kenny Chesney moved 387,000 after claiming no two rappers would outsell him (jokingly of course but we all know wherever there's humor there's always some truth that lies behind it). So after attacking Kanye for his feminine ways and teenage-girlesque temper tantrums, we need to get on 50 for claiming he was "cheated" out of his number 1 spot - sorry homie, but Yayo's album was better than "Curtis" L-A-M-O!!! HAHA!!! My name is Hand...

Scratch Mag is DEAD!

As an aspiring beat maker, I always looked forward to getting the mag and reading it from the first page to the last. Now the mag who I thought was going to last forever in this production/beat maker is the artist era is going to close its doors. I remember being so excited when I found out there was going to be a mag that will cater to the Hip Hop Music producers...but all things come to an END... Issue 20th I'm waiting on ya!..

After this its only XXL...cause every other mag out there sucks!

This is what they posted on

Yep, the rumors are true. Issue number 20 will be the final issue of Scratch. But don’t mourn us—remember the good times, rap nerds!
Now check out what’s in the final issue, which will drop by the end of September. We’re going out with a bang!:

-Timbaland explains why “pop is the new hip-hop,” why he’s still homies with Scott Storch and why he’s had trouble working with Jay-Z and Missy Elliott.

-50 Cent discusses working with no-name producers, getting creative with Timbaland and why other big name beatmakers like The Neptunes and Kanye didn’t make the final cut on Curtis.

-RZA breaks down each track on the Wu-Tang reunion album 8 Diagrams.

-Irv Gotti on plotting Ja Rule’s comeback, his new reality show and how 50 Cent affected his career.

-An introduction to the producers behind Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy),” 50 Cent’s “I Get Money,” Playaz Circle & Lil Wayne’s “Duffle Bag Boy,” Nelly’s “Wadsyaname” and Gucci Mane’s “Freaky Gurl.”

-David Banner explains how he came out of his depression and why he has a hard time rapping on his own beats.

-Without Little Brother by his side, 9th Wonder talks about begining his new movement in North Carolina.

-A detailed break-down of the infamous MP3 Ripping Groups that supply us with the illegal music we love.

-Chicago producers Cuzo and Xcel go inside the world of juke house music with their new hip-hop fusion.

-The Alchemist breaks down his beat-making process from the ground-up.

-Just Blaze tests out the Roland V-Synth GT and remembers his most influential pieces of gear.

-DJ Envy rates hip-hop’s greatest DJ/MC duos.

-Stones Throw’s Egon goes shopping for Turkish vinyl.

-DJ Toomp remembers the creation of his 5 best beats.

-A day in the life of Cali’s biggest DJ, Felli Fel.

-DJ Camilo tests out Traktor Scratch digital DJ system.

-Zion I’s Amp Live gives a tour of Oakland’s hip-hop scene.

-Hot 97’s underground hip-hop savior Peter Rosenberg remembers his most influential albums.


Now pour one out!

Out Of Reach?!

Now i just finished hearing the "Forbes mix" and have to completely agree with Robles on this one. Half Ass as always and what really stood out for me was that fact that i can't really relate or really care anymore about the st tropez and the money and all that bullshit. I mean you could gain some inspiration for that on some level but in the end the idea of these same dudes rapping about the incredible amount of money they have just doesn't do it for me anymore. The mass population won't relate to the amount of money they have and in the end it only furthers this consumerist society here in the US of A. Im happy that dudes got that money and all. I commend their grind and drive. Shoot anybody including myself would be happy to have it but in the end there needs to be some type of responsibility or at the very least some type of positive initiative man. There are always more important things that you can do with exorbant amounts of money. Sorry for the rant. TO many glasses of red wine i guess. In the meantime you can listen to an incredibly relevant song about what i just said.

Yeshua Da Poed " Losing Youl Soul

What A Crazy World We Live In...

Marc Ecko, creator and founder of Ecko clothing line and the mind behind other things such as Complex Magazine and the G-Unit clothing line, decided to throw away $752,000 this past weekend when he bought the now infamous 756th Home-Run ball smashed by Barry Bonds (that's roughly $1000 per career homer). Now I know many may ask why Hand chose to say "throw away" instead of invest but he really is throwing his money away. He bought the ball and instead of keeping it in his personal sports memorabilia collection, he's decided to make a site ( and allow the public to decide the fate of the ball. They can have it given to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and saved as part of history, have it given to Cooperstown but with an asterisk on it (my fave choice if he actually decides he's not keeping it) or have it flown into outer space (I'm sure this choice is a joke). You can read more about this on AllHipHop. I say resell the ball and do something meaningful with all that money, like pay to get baseball equipment for underprivileged children in the San Francisco area but hey, who am I to tell an unreasonable millionaire what the right thing to do is? Oh yeah that's right, that's who I am, I Am Hand...

50 Cent, Jay-Z and Diddy "I Get Money...Forbes 1, 2, 3" Remix

I turned on the radio to hot 97 and I hear Funk Flex going about his usual self...talking trash- and as much as I hate when he does that, this time I was actually cool with it. Flex was happy and getting at all the radio stations and Dj's that thought flex was finished and were actually side talking about

Out of all this Flex was must excited about having the "I get Money" Forbes Remix Feat. Jay- Z and Diddy!! So there I am with my cousin Josh AKA The Product waiting for flex to play it... Finally Flex lets the track go!!! (after re-starting the shit like 10 times!)

I have to say that I am completely disappointed in the Forbes remix, I felt like none of the millionaires on the track gave it there all... I felt cheated, after I waited so fucking long for this shit. I thought it was going to be a monumental track, something that people would be talking for days!... Kids are probably going to "love it" pump it all day!!!! To me this is just going to be a failure but 3 of the biggest entertainers in hip hop, So much hype for nothing!... Just My Thoughts.

Enjoy the disappointment:
>>>>50 Cent, Jay-Z and Diddy "I Get Money...Forbes 1, 2, 3" Remix<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dirty version HERE!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

September 17, 2007

Britney Tries to Off KFed!

Haha, who knew she was this insane? Check out what Entertainment Tonight uncovered below. It HAS to be her!

ET has several reliable sources that the FBI and LAPD are investigating legitimate leads on a contract hit on KEVIN FEDERLINE's life.

Multiple sources tell ET that the FBI made attempts to contact Federline to inform him of the potential danger.

Sources within the FBI tell ET that this is the bureau's standard operating procedure when someone's life is threatened.

ET has been working this story for the past two months. When contacted, the FBI told us that the bureau cannot confirm or deny an investigation.

Dont Forget the Lyrics Kanye! (Emmys)

This was the whole surprise Kanye had for us!... This dude made me miss all the History channel programs I watch on Sundays!.. I thought he was going to bring out Britney and revive her career...

The only highlight for me was America Ferrera from Ugly Betty who won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series!...CONGRATS!

September 16, 2007

JIN Rummy!

Im doing my thing on the net and i stumble upon this clip on youtube about the great FREESTYLER Jin. Where in the world did he go? I know his album didnt do well and all that but damn it seems like he dropped of the face of the earth. I think its safe to say that label politics had something to do with it. And really thinking about it that is some bullshit. I figure that they thought he wasn't marketable or something and left him to dry. Talent is talent regards man and like Immortal Technique said "there is a market for everything man, for chocolate covered roaches man, for pet psychologist man." This money making scheming shit really needs to go. Dudes like Jin who deserve some sunshine ain't getting it.

With time i guess things will change. We can never go back to the beginnings of this hole thing we call hip hop culture. Everybody is to invested with to many agendas that in the end only hurt the core beauty of this culture. And that can be said about any culture from its beginnings to its maturation. Until it gets better though...enjoy this fabulous TRUE freestyle from Jin against Verse.

Straight FIRE!! listen to the straight off the dome shit Jin has to offer. Third Round is destructive!