February 15, 2008

Fat Joe Interview With CHELSEA HANDLER

Either she liked Fat Joe... Or she is just overly friendly! either or man she is a funny chick! Check out her Lean Back dance-LOL

February 14, 2008

New Music: Rocko "Tomorrow"

Mr. Umma Do Me- Rocko is back with a new single... Check it out- Let me know what you think
Rocko "Tomorrow"

Check Out His Myspace For More Tracks

Charges Dropped For Tony Yayo

Criminal charges against rapper G-Unit member Tony Yayo were dismissed today (February 14), although the rapper pled guilty to a violation, regarding an incident last March involving the 14-year-old son of a rival music executive.

In March of 2007, Yayo, born Marvin Bernard, was accused of backhanding the son of music executive Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond, who manages a number of top rappers, including G-Unit rival The Game.

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Music: Joe Budden "Dear Diary" (RmX)

Joe Budden "Dear Diary" (RmX)

Video: Consequence Feat. John Legend "Feel Good"(Full Video)

Kanye West Gets Fined 100K By Grammy's

Grammy winner Kanye West has been slapped with 100k fine by the grammys. Well when he won one of his Grammy's the boy Kanye exceeded his "thank you"time limit of 34 seconds. Remember "It will be in good taste to stop the music" - Well Mr. West that standing ovation got you fined 100k. What can we say... You cant tell Kanye NOTHING!

February 13, 2008

Video: Kanye West "Flashing Lights"

This has to be a fake video... cause seriously whats the HYPE...or the POINT for that matter!!!! Fuck you Kanye! (Jay-z voice)

February 12, 2008

Consequence Feat. John Legeng "Feel This Way"

Video: Ryan Leslie "Valentine"

Mariah Carey "Touch My Body"

Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" (Written by The Dream)

Jim Jones Comments on Jay-Z... Again

C: What do you think is the main the reason for their turmoil?(Dame & Jay-Z)
Jim Jones: I don’t know what their turmoil is. You know why I’m pissed off at him [Jay-Z]? He was my favorite rapper and then he just went out like a dud. He had a chance to do the unthinkable and then he did the unthinkable. Where I’m from, loyalty is everything, above and beyond everything. When you violate that, it fucks everything up. Especially when you were the hustler’s poster child and you chose to become a corporate stepchild. That don’t make sense when you’re all black-owned. I took an executive position because I didn’t know the game, I took it to learn both sides of the game; there’s a difference.

Jim Jones sat down with Complex Magazine and this is what he had to say about Jay-Z and Dame Dash....and Loyalty! - This dude is funny as hell, How you gonna talk "LOTALTY" when you were jumping around on the same stage with Curtis and being on Rap City with the whole G-Unit!...

Music: Joell Ortiz Feat. Novel "Here, The Next"

Joell Ortiz Feat. Novel "Here, The Next" (Rip From HiphopGame.com)

February 11, 2008

Event: A Love Supreme

Pre-Valentines day party, called "A LOVE SURPREME",
at the NEW Manhatta at 310 Bowery between Houston and Bleeker streets.
Music provided by TONY TOUCH, DJ SPIN ONE and BLAZI'N B
Doors open at 7pm

Video: Street Kings Trailer

Lets hope that Common doesn't type casted as the Gun slinging guy all the time. He's a smart dude lets hope in the next one he doesnt have to carry a gun or something.

Grammy Video: Amy Winehouse Performing performing You Know I'm No Good and Rehab.

I did check this one out last night...

Grammy Video: Rihanna Performs "Umbrella"

I actually didnt see this performance... Well I kinda missed all of them!..lol Enjoy

Video: Nas and Kelis On The Grammy Red Carpet

Nas and Kelis on the Red Carpet with the Nigger t-shirts- Statement and album promotion MADE- lol Check out what Kelis says after the Interview was a wrap.. "John Lennon had a song called "Women Are The N*ggers Of The World a very long time ago" (i never heard of this song...but im searching for that one later one today!)
Good one!!!

Video: Kanye West Grammy Performance "Stronger" and "Hey Mama"

Kanye West won best Rap Album and best Rap Song at last night's 2008 Grammy Awards... Check out his performance last night with Draft Punk!

Grammys Acceptance Speech 2008... "It will be in good taste to stop the music then!"