October 27, 2007

Jermaine Dupri...wtf?

Was this a straight up set up... This looks so fake is not even funny, come on Jermaine books sell if they are good...let shit take its course!.

October 26, 2007

Jay-Z American Gangster (Video Promo)

Beat Jacking on Jay-Z's American Gangster?!

Ski Beatz has been producing for Jay-Z since the beginning... Reasonable Doubt has Ski's sound all over the place... "Dead Presidents" need I say more. So all of us have heard the new American Gangster Album (Leaks) ... One of the tracks is called "Fallin'" (produced by Jermaine Dupri and co-produced by NoID) It just so happens that Ski has the same sample and had sent it over to Def Jam a while back- no its not totally jacked but... check it out (XXL.COM)

This is what Ski had to say about the whole thing...

“I did the beat first. That beat got played for so many people. I sent it out. [They] could have bit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean [he bit] when you fucking with samples; [they] could have just found the same one. I’ll let the people decide. I got my new artist Pittsburgh Slim signed over at Def Jam, [so] how ironic.” - Ski Beatz

Now that's a full time....JACK MOVE!!!!

Famous Stars and Straps "Swear They Do"

The Skateboard kids doing there rap thing... Sound kind of hot (lol) Lets see if the Bmx kids can catch on.

News: The Clipse Sign to Colombia Records

Finally the Clipse are free from boy band heaven... Jive Records - It was obvious that things were not going well... Who would want to be in a label thats just using you for tax write off. Lets hope the Urban department over at Colombia do right by the Clipse. I hope Rick Ruben takes interest in them... Imagine that

This will mark the first time that a Clipse album will not be entirely produced by longtime friends and collaborators The Neptunes. Instead, they have plans to work with Timbaland, Danjahandz and Dame Grease. “I can honestly say that we were all friends before the music and will be friends to the end,” Malice told Billboard of his relationship with the Neptunes. “Everything is business. If we had our way, we would always be on Star Trak. But it’s what’s working for you and what’s not. We just want good energy, and Columbia has both the urgency and the muscle.” Check the rest of the Story @ XXL

Jay-Z "No Hook" From American Gangster

Jay-Z "No Hook"

(I told you Dehaven... to shut it or Jay was going to put you in your place!...Big Mouth!! - lol)

Shouts To The Product for putting this in my Inbox!
So YOU back the fuck up...you know who you are --I actually have others but I will not post them up --- via Josh The Product

Music: Joe Budden puts Ransom To Rest...

Ransom should just chill the fuck out before Budden buries his ass deeper

Check out the come back to Ransom's part 2

Music: Jay-Z Feat. Lil Wayne "Brooklyn 2.0"

This track sounds a little forced; like Jay was really really doing a big favor for Hip Hop and Gee... The chorus kills me (Sucks), the highlight of the track of course is the best rapper alive....JAY-Z (ha ha you thought i was going to say lil wayne...NOT!)

Jay-Z Feat. Lil Wayne

October 25, 2007

Video: Fat Joe on the FunkFlex Show

Tell me why... Fat Joe is sounding like Khalid!...He needs to head back to NYC!

Jay-Z and Wayne speak on Their Collabo

To tell you the truth I thought this collaboration was bullshit, well the truth is that jay sat with MTV and let them know how the whole thing came about. Wayne should be super happy that Hip Hop and Gee know Jay-Z count your blessing with your retarded simplistic metaphors-

"[Wayne's camp] sent the record and it was done," Jay elaborated. "So it wasn't like a collaboration thing. It was done already. Gee [Roberson] and [Kyambo] 'Hip Hop' [Joshua], who came from Roc-A-Fella and went on to do great things — I'm very proud of them — manage Wayne. That whole thing came through them. It's more of a great record than a lyrical slugfest. It's more a creative, great record than two guys spitting. 'Success' [another American Gangster track] is more of what people wanna look at when you judge that type of [collaborative] stuff. It's me and Nas going at it." Jay told MTV-

Wayne said "Hello Brooklyn" was actually made for his delayed album, Tha Carter, Vol. 3. "It was produced by my homeboy Big D a long time ago," he said. "Jay heard the song some type of way, and when he heard it, he said, 'Ask the homie if I can get this.' When I was asked the question, I told them it wasn't even a question — he's got it. Everybody in the world knows how I feel about Jay. ... He's the king, utmost respect.

"The song has a sample on there that says, 'Hello Brooklyn,' " Wayne added. "I made it so that I'm talking to a woman and the woman has the traits of the actual place [where the song is set]. I say, 'She love B.I.G. but she like Tupac, and every time I say, "Jay-Z," she say, "It's the Roc." ' Me not being from Brooklyn, I think it's cool because you always wanna know what an outsider thinks of your place."

Check out the Full Story over at MTV

Video: Ashati Sings "God Bless America"

Ashanti sang "God Bless America" in MLB World Series in Boston on Tuesday night. She did aiight man I cant knock her...but Whitney would do better (Clean Whitney...Clean Whitney...OK!)

Ashanti is on the push back albums of the year list... So catch that album next February, If she doesnt get pushed back again - If that happens call Irv!

Music: Cam'Ron "Glitter" (He's Back!)

The Harlem dude is back!....but I think he could've came back a little bit harder then this slow ass fucking track.

Cam'Ron "Glitter"

Download Track

Music: Don Cannon Feat. Freeway and Lil Wayne "Step Back"

Don Cannon Feat. Freeway and Lil Wayne "Step Back"

{{Download Track}}

Video: Mike Jones "Turning Heads"

Fashion: Nike Blazers and Jordan SB Custom

Not the biggest fan of Air Jordan's, but I am a fan of the Blazers. But these joints right here were a match made in Heaven... Maybe not for you (hater) but for me it is- I have checked out all the other Jordan combinations and they suck!... but with these they finally did it-

Fashion: Rocksmith Fall '07 Video Lookbook

Ransom Vs. Joe Budden "Die Tonight" Round 2

Ok No pic of this dude...that tell's you a lot about him.... ummm we don't know who he is!

Lil' Wayne Sued By Jeweler For Unpaid Bill

"I've been doing business with him for at least 10 years," Sutton told the Herald of his longtime relationship with the rapper. "He's always been wonderful with paying me."

Check out the Rest of the Story Over at SOHH.

Movie: Official "I AM LEGEND" Trailer Version 2

Curtis Speaks on T.I.

Video: Guru Feat. Slum Village "Im Jazzy"

Music: Alicia Keys "Like You’ll Never See Me Again"

Alicia Keys "Like You’ll Never See Me Again"

The King of New Jerz!

Looks like there's some trouble brewin' in Jerz. I remember a few months back Joe Budden came out with a record called "Last Real Nigga Left" and in it he was taking shots at Ransom (who had said some things in a few songs but never directly mentioned Budden's name) and Stack Bundles - R.I.P -(I don't know what stirred that one up). Well everything was all fine after I guess because Budden and Ransom were on Fab's album together on "This Is Family". However I was surprised when my cousin Josh had told me last week that Ransom had gotten back on a track with his old partner Hitchcock and jumped on a new track for Joe Budden's "Mood Muzik Vol. 3: This One's for Hand" because Ransom and Hitchcock said they would never work together as the A-Team again. Well I knew it was all too good to last!

Earlier today Josh told me Ransom came out with a freestyle over "Big Brother" called "Kid Brother" taking shots at the King of New Jersey, Joe Budden (and a few references at Hitchcock but it was wack anyway). Then Josh told me Joey responded the very same day over "Heart of The City" (Budden is the MAN!!!) and he just ate him up if you ask Hand. Well listen and enjoy! My Name is Hand...

(LMAO at the part where Budden calls him a D-Block knock-off :-D)

Here are the two tracks. First "Kid Brother" then the response "Heart of The City"

Ransom "Kid Brother" (Joe Budden Diss Attempt)

Joe Budden "Heart of The City" (Ransom's Ass-Whoopin')

October 23, 2007

Making Menudo Premier On MTV

Making Menudo premieres this Thursday on MTV at 10:30 pm /9:30c, so be sure to tune in and watch all 15 hopefuls before they start dwindling down. Log onto Menudo.MTV.com for more information. Check out there new track produced by DANGA - Thats right get your feet wet big homie!...Hopefully this wasn't a wrong turn in your career-

Check out the new track >>>>(AEIOU)<<< ... It couldn't be more cookie cutter then this!

Music: Preview Jay- Z's New Album American Gangster

Preview Jay- Z's New Album American Gangster

This shit actually takes forever to preview but hey its Jay-Z so bare the wait!

Video: Memphis Bleek Feat. Dre "Get Ya Money Up"

This is another Rik Cordero Directed video... The dude is doing his damn thing! big ups to him!

Kim Kardashian Talks Show and Playboy (Radio Interview)

Kim Kardashian talks about her new reality show and plenty more (cant wait for the Dec Playboy spread!!!)

Listen to this!

T.I. Graces The Cover of Complex Magazine

T.I. Graces the cover of Complex...Talks about his experience making the movie American Gangster and his thoughts about the Real Frank Lucas..

On The Real Frank Lucas:

Given the strong “stop snitching” credo within hip-hop, what did you think of his cooperating with authorities to shorten his 70-year prison term? His situation was unique because he didn’t tell on no drug dealers or other criminals. He got his standards shortened by telling on crooked cops.

On how the streets have changed:

Is there a character in American Gangster you would parallel to your days in the trap? I can’t even compare myself back in that day simply because it was a whole other day and age. When I was doin’ it, it was chaos. Real talk, it was easier then, too. Not taking nothing away from them ’cause they started it, but the police wasn’t hip to everything. By the time I started hustling, the police had cameras, the Internet, and forensics. [Back then] you could kill a nigga at six o’clock in the morning on his doorstep and long as nobody seen you, you good. Now you got cameras on street lights. I feel like if I was a hustler back then, I’d have a way better shot at it. People actually respected the game. Whereas when I was a hustler, a nigga would do anything for a dollar. Period

Check Out the Rest @ Complex

Canyon Country - City On Fire (California Fire)

For those who dont watch the news and are just consumed with there own lives (and dont live in Cali)- Well here is whats going on in that side of the United States. It is said that a lot of people have lost there homes due to the fire! - Shit sucks man lets hope they stop this SOON!

Video: 50 Cent Behind The Scenes on BET

Music: Freeway Feat. Lil Wayne " Step Back"

Freeway Feat. Lil Wayne "Step Back"

Video: Common "I Want You":

October 22, 2007

50 Cent And Akon on the Set of "I Still Will"

This is what 50 told MTV about Lil Kim and there recent reconciliation... (He soft! and "Magic Stick 2" is Garbage!!!)

"I'm not good at resolving things," 50 said on Sunday afternoon on the set of the video for his collaboration with Akon, "I'll Still Kill." (Note: The title will be changed to "I Still Will" for television purposes.) "Once I get into an altercation with someone or we have a misunderstanding, I'd rather leave them over there rather than have them around when they still have those feelings."

"I reached out to her, called her, to see where her head was at," Fif said. "In Kim's case, it wasn't me and Kim [who had the real beef]. It was Kim and the man she was with at the time. Later, we was able to actually get together and collaborated. We was able to make something special again with 'Wanna Lick.' It's good. From a female perspective, she can provide an aggressive standpoint and be aggressive for the women while I can be myself and be aggressive from a man's perspective." - Curtis

Check out the rest on MTV

Music: Gorilla Zoe ft. Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Yung Joc, Young Jeezy, Big Boi “Hood Nigga" (Remix)

Gorilla Zoe "Hood Nigga" REMIX

Music: Royce da 5'9 "Promise Land"

Check out the new track by Royce Da 5'9

"Promise Land" Download

Dame Dash "Everyone's Still Eating Off Kanye West Except Me"

In an interview with SOHH the Harlem homie Dame Dash is crying about who is getting paid over Kanye West. I suggest that dame do his own thing and let things ride, if he feels a certain way about the whole Roc-A-Fella situation then keep it to yourself, i'm getting tired of his crying... If dame would've gave his share of Reasonable Doubt to Jay like he asked then the Dynasty would be Standing RIGHT NOW!- and you would be getting paid for JAY and KANYE.

"I think it's a good thing that someone that was probably kicked around his whole life is now empowered, it's just what he does with it. The only thing that bothers me about Kanye's situation is that everyone's still eating off it except me. I would have poly'd that deal a little different. Everyone that's still eating off him is everyone that said he couldn't make it, but other than that I'm happy to see what he does." -Dame Dash (SOHH InterView)

My personal opinion about dame and his "retirement" from the record biz its plain and simple; He will never have another Jay-Z and without and Artist of that caliber you cant really win the way you want to! Dont get me wrong I give him props for giving us the Best Lyricist in the world ... But let it go man, let it go man!

Fashion: Mighty Healthy Fall & Holiday Collection

Check out the MIGHTY HEALTHY Fall/Winter 2007 collection which is being released this week...True NYC inspired clothing-

Failed Ideas in Hip Hop...LOL

The dudes over at The Real are the funniest...check this video out and check there other stuff you will be in there for hours!...

Jay-Z American Gangster Tour Dates

Jay-Z Tour Dates
11/06 House of Blues, LA
11/07 House of Blues, Chicago
11/09 Ramshead, Baltimore
11/11 Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
11/12 Fillmore, Philadelphia

Video: Styles P Feat. Swizz Beatz "Blow Your Mind" Trailer

Aiight the homie styles P looking like he spent some major dough on this video... But since when the hell does hip hop has Video trailers?...someone answer this because its boggling my mind... Common did it..aiight cool now everyone wants to do it...

Video: Smif & Wessun Feat. Joell Ortiz "Stomp"

L.A. Reid Backs Nas

Nas stood his ground and we're closer to winning this battle with prejudice America! In this video from MTV.com they quickly interview L.A. Reid and says he and Def Jam are going to completely support Nas and the title "Nigger" for his next album release. Feels good to be a Nas fan right now ;-)...

October 21, 2007

Music: Cormega Feat. Lil Fame "718"

Cormega Feat. Lil Fame "718" (From Mega’s Who Am I DVD Soundtrack)


"S.E.X." Singer, LaLa Brown, Found Slain.

Though few outside of Milwaukee knew who she was, LaLa Brown, 21, got some shine when she was featured on Lyfe Jennings hit song "S.E.X.". She was found this weekend with her boyfriend/producer, JeTannue Clayborn, 22, slain in his production studio. Police don't know who committed the murders or why but they do know the bodies of the two shooting victims had been dead for at least a day before they were found.

Tough to swallow man, she was blowing up in her home state and who knows where her career might have headed. The tougher part is she leaves behind a baby girl. It's a cold world...

Check out her myspace page and here's the "S.E.X." video in case you don't remember her...