July 11, 2008

July 10, 2008

Trailer: Max Payne the Movie Staring Mark Wahlberg!

I am not the gamer apart from my grade school days playing Nintendo all day long! When Max Payne the game came out I actually rushed out and got it, beat it and that was that. Its one of my all time favorite games (Im not a gamer... gotta let you know that again) and I am happy to see the adaptation of this game come to life in a movie. Mark Wahlberg will star as MAX PAYNE, Mila Kunis, The Wire’s Jamie Hector and Ludacris also star.. Hopefully this wont be a wack movie like the rest of the game adaptations.

Nas "Sly Fox" Video (Directed by Rik Cordero)

Well lets see what fox will be saying about this... I actually cant wait. Dope video by Mr. Cordero!