April 25, 2008

Trailer: 50 cent Blood On The Sand Video Game

This game looks pretty hot.. Time for me to get my Xbox On! Just a crazy thought... What would kids be playing 12 years from now.. The graphics are going to be as real as we are!

Video: Ne-Yo "Closer"

This sounds like an old song... cant pin point it yet. I'll get back atcha with that.

Video: O.C. & A.G. - "2 For The Money"

Video: Consequence On Rap City

Music/Download: Nas "War Is Necessary"

Nas - "War Is Necessary"

April 24, 2008

G-Unit and The Games Album's Pushed Back By The machine

Both G-Unit and The Game were scheduled to release their newest albums respectively, on June 24, pitting the two rivals against each other for sales. 50 Cent claimed he was going to push The Game’s third album L.A.X back, so that G-Unit could release their highly anticipated sophomore release Terminate on Sight on June 24.

This goes to show every single Artist that they dont have power or say in anything... just do the creative job that you know how to do and let the SUITS do theirs! I think Curtis has to be fuming right now... He didnt push anything back - He actually got PUSHED BACK.

G-Unit’s Terminate on Sight will land in stores on July 1, while The Game’s L.A.X. will follow the next week, hitting the shelves July 8.

Curtis your getting a head start... Take advantage!

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Trailer: Will Smith’s New Movie, Hancock.

April 22, 2008

Fashion/Video: Rockwell / Patta / Alife Everybody Mid "Rap" Video

promotional video for the Rockwell / Patta / Alife Everybody Mid "Rap" The video has been created by artist Parra, who is also responsible for the graphics on the sneaker.

April 21, 2008

Game Is Going Head To Head With Curtis!

The Url to this site sounds a bit familiar... What do you say. ITS WAR! (lol) I always go for the under dog so you know who i'm going for here... Sorry Curtis!

Video: Bun B ft. Sean Kingston "That’s Gangsta"

Video: Big Pun The Legacy [Trailer]

Music: Young Buck "My Interview"

Young Buck "My Interview"

"When the smoke clears I'ma still be here!"

Foxy Brown Out and About...

Foxy out and about!...

Kidz In The Hall "Drivin' Down The Block"

Music/Downaload: Madonna Feat. Kanye West (Prod. By Pharrell)

Madonna Feat. Kanye West (Prod. By Pharrell)

Video: AC ft Trife Da God "Trapped on the Island"

I gave you guys the track two weeks ago.. well here is the video. The kid AC is always at work! Video directed by Steven Tapia

Nas New Song "Be A Ni**er Too"

Queensbridge rapper has just released a new song titled "Be A Ni**er Too," a track from his highly anticipated album, Ni**er.

The single "Be A Ni**er Too" is the first official release from Nas’ album, which has drawn intense scrutiny due to the album’s simple, yet controversial title.

The lyrics on "Be A Ni**er Too" gives listeners a glimpse into the direction Nas’ album may take.

"Not mad cause Eminem said Ni**er/Cause he’s my Ni**er/Wigger/Cracker friend/We all black within/ We all African within/Some African’s don’t like us no way/A killin happened in Johannesburg yesterday.”

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