November 19, 2010

"Peace of Mind Can Be Attained Only By a Positive Mental Attitude" by Napoleon Hill

If you still have no idea who Napoleon Hill is, yet you claim you wish to become successful in life - shoot yourself... (I'm only kidding.. maybe not :-P).

Really though, I don't think any man in HISTORY has been more influential in the lives of Entrepreneurs/Life Coaches/Motivational Speakers etc. Every thing this man ever spoke about was pure GENIUS. I'm not going to bore you any longer with my Napoleon Hill obsession, just read below and you'll probably become obsessed yourself (HOPEFULLY!).

Enjoy! J.C.


Peace of mind is one of the most sought after blessings in life. As is true of everything of value, you must pay a price to obtain it. And the price required is the continual and consistent maintenance of a positive mental attitude. If you will pay this price, you will receive the following blessings, all of which result in peace of mind:

  • Freedom from want.
  • Freedom from superstition.
  • Freedom from fear in all of its forms.
  • Freedom from the common weakness of seeking something for nothing.
  • The habit of doing your own thinking.
  • The habit of frequent self-inspection from within, to determine what changes of character are necessary.
  • The habit of developing sufficient courage and inherent honesty with yourself to look at life as a realist.
  • The habit of discouraging both greed and the desire for power at the expense of others.
  • The habit of helping others to help themselves.
  • Recognition of the truth that the universal power of Infinite Intelligence is available to all who will learn how to use it.
  • Freedom from anxiety over what may happen to you after death.
  • Freedom from all desire for revenge.
  • The habit of going the extra mile in all human relationships.
  • Knowledge of yourself – the you which cannot be seen in a mirror; an understanding of who you are and what your virtues and abilities are.
  • Freedom from discouragement.
  • The habit of thinking in terms of your highest and noblest objectives.
  • The habit of looking for the seed of equivalent benefit in every adversity.
  • The habit of taking life in your stride, neither shrinking from the disagreeable nor over-indulging in the pleasant.
  • The habit of starting where you stand to accomplish your goals.
  • The habit of conquering petty misfortunes rather than being mastered by them.
  • The joy of doing, rather than merely possessing.
  • The habit of making life pay off on your terms, in values of your choosing.
  • The habit of giving before trying to get.
  • The privilege of engaging in a labor of love of your own choice.

These are some of the joys which one receives from peace of mind by exercising a positive mental attitude. A review of this list will also convince you that men with positive mental attitudes are never found in a rut. And it will also be evident to you that another blessing which can be achieved by maintaining a positive mental attitude is the attainment of success in your chosen field of endeavor.