September 8, 2007

Obie Trice Feat. Saigon "Wanna Know" (Remix)

Obie Trice Feat. Saigon "Wanna Know" (Remix)

Check out the rest of the video Pics over at... Nah Right

Check out Kanyes pad in LA

“A Fashionable Life: Kanye West & Alexis Phifer” is a feature that Harpers Bazaar is running on the pop-chic home of Kanye West in Los Angeles. I'm Loving the LV don's MPC!!!

Pics Here!

Apple attempts to block free ringtones with iTunes update

Apple has released an update to iTunes that blocks users from creating free custom ringtones and then syncing them to an iPhone. Despite Apple’s best efforts to thwart users, a workaround has already been found and posted to the Internet.

Check out whole story - TOMA!

Theres always aroung check it out HERE!

New Curtis...Not on Album.

Curtis - "What do you got"
Curtis -"I dont want talk about it"

Foxy Brown Sentenced To a Year in Rickers

TMZ was in the courtroom when it all went down, and Judge Melissa Jackson slammed Foxy's pleas for mercy, calling her a "great actress," and saying that if this were the first time she'd apologized, she might be believable, but not now. We're told that Foxy was visibly distraught by the verdict, and her mother refused to talk to reporters outside. Foxy originally was sentenced to the probation after an assault on two employees at a nail salon in Manhattan.

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New Wu-Tang "Watch Your Mouth"

Wu-Tang "Watch Your Mouth"

Dr. Cornel West & Mos Def On Bill Maher.

50 Cent on Sohh interview Pt.1 and 2

September 6, 2007

Official Single From Lupe Fiasco - "Superstar"

Lupe Fiasco Feat. Matthew Santos "SuperStar" From the up and coming album THE COOL

Britney Opens the MTV VMA's

That's right yall! Britney is opening the MTV VMA's this Sunday! OMG, I am SOO watching this!

This is a promo pic she just did for MTV.

Kicks Rule Everything Around Me!

“K.R.E.A.M.” aka “Kicks Rule Everything Around Me” is the latest single off of U-N-I’s album “Friend Chicken & Watermelon.” I'm not the sneaker craze dude but I have them cr8tiverecreation joints...well a couple! - Jordan this is for you Mr. I spend all my money on KICKS - I cant Front the lil homey has half a wall of his room decorated with kicks, I guess you a sneaker head?

Jim Jones to Become a G-Unit Soldier?!

So rumor has it that Jim Jones is going to sign a deal with G-Unit!...Wtf is this rap shit coming to?... So from Capo To Soldier ha ha he talked a lot of shit about Nas when the Queens rapper signed to Def Jam, now look at what Lil Jimmy does... I think his Ballin' Track got him going nuts!!! So what now...the whole Bird Gang crew is going to join G-unit, If all this is i really don't know what to say... fuck it you moron!

Read More over at AllHipHop Rumors

Fat Joe Speaks on Remy Ma and G-Unit

My dream come true - YAY APPLE!!!

We all got so caught up with the unveiling of the new 6th gen iPod, the iPod Touch, that we forgot to question what was going to happen with the orginal iPod? Well looks like Apple was sneaking into my convo's and decided to fulfill the Hand's dream, a 160 gig iPod! The old style iPod's (the most recent one was the iPod video) will not be abandoned. Instead Steve Jobs decided to beef it up and keep it around as "iPod Classic".

Now the 80 gig comes in at a SUPER reasonable price of just $250 and the new 160 gig is available at $350! This is such a great moment in history for me because I have a lot of music but I know it'll definitely take me a crazy long time to fill up this baby.

So yes the iPod touch is hot but for that I'll just get an iPhone because the difference in memory is not that serious and the iPhone doubles as yes - a phone. Until they can give me at least a 60 gig iPod touch I'll just go cop me a 160 gig classic ;-)...

Kanye Vs. 50 Cent A Friendly Competiotion

These are some pic's from 50 Cent and Kanye's RollingStone cover shoot... Its all a friendly competition nothing more nothing less. September 11th is right around the corner and I got my money on both these Artist, I did pre-ordered the albums on itunes- If your a true fan of Hip Hop go and cop both albums by these two dudes-

Check out some video footage from the RollingStone shoot- Here!

Swizz Beatz OnSMASH Interview Pt. 1

September 5, 2007

New Rapper On The Block - John Public

John Public is a new rapper on the indie scene hailing from Jersey. His style is reminiscent of early '90's Hip Hop mixed in with a white fratboy edge. You definitely should check it out.

Here are two tracks:

"Any of This" * Definitely am feeling this one!

"Fratboy World"

Anyways, Mr. Public just released a mixtape called "The Borrowed LP."

The press release says, "Reaching back into 2003 and selecting beats from Gang Starr’s “The Ownerz,” Public’s latest offering gives new life to Premier’s signature boom-bap sound as a themed, 12-track dose of wordplay. Each song works as part of a fictional night at a college house party, and interludes link the songs together to flesh out the story. Some have likened the overall vibe as being the hip hop equivalent of a classic garage-rock record. But Public describes it more like 'Slug-meets-Lupe at Vince Vaughn’s house. With Guiliani playing beer pong on the deck. With the Bush twins.'"

For more info, check out John Public's MySpace profile.

50 and Kanye Go Head to Head on Rolling Stone

I had to post this! Too hot not to!

BTW - Is it just me, or do they have like almost the same shaped profile? It's tripping me out!

The Wachowski Sister?

I always knew of them as the "Wachowski Brothers," the guys behind The Matrix. Apparently, one of them has transitioned to being a woman and goes by the name of Lana.

So now what do I call them?

Apple Introduces The New iPhone,..I Mean, iPod!

Ok - here it is - the new reason why I hate Apple. I don't even have a year with my pretty video iPod yet and they go and do this! I don't need an iPhone because I prefer my blackberry, but I did drool over it when my friend got it. Now they go and unveil what looks like an iPhone but is really the new touch iPod. It's just like the iPhone except no camera, no phone.

Here's more info:
8mm wide and has the 3.5-inch widescreen display, and Wi-Fi, which will allow users to buy iTunes music wireless.

Jobs also announced a deal with Starbucks. When you enter a Starbucks with your iPod touch or iPhone, a Starbucks button pops up that gives you the option to buy music from the featured artist via the wireless connectivity.

The batter offers 22 hours of audio playback or 5 hours of video playback.

The iPod touch will be available this month in two configurations– an 8GB model for $299, and a 16GB for $399.

Halle Berry Is Pregnant!

One of the sexiest women on earth has confirmed to Access Hollywood that she indeed is pregnant!

In an email yesterday, Halle wrote, "Yes, I am three months pregnant! Gabriel and I are beyond excited, and I’ve waited a long time for this moment in life. Now the next seven months will be the longest of my life!... You heard it from ME first!”

This should be a pretty hot baby! Have you seen her man? Damn!

Britney Spears New Tracks

Britney's label is at it just leaking tracks out, trying to see which of these tracks will be played. Or maybe they want to see if brit still has it in her, you know testing the waters... - These tracks are produced by Danja Hands, Timbo and Ryan Leslie...Damn Ryan's track is the worst by FAR! - and he's a super talented individual, talk about not having your heart on a project! Lets hope Timbo didn't jack any beats on this one.

I always go for the UnderDog, I'm Hoping the pop star does her thing! - Check out the tracks and judge for yourselves.

1. Give Me More (produced by Danja Hands)
2. Break the Ice (produced by Danja Hands)
3. I said (produced by Timbo)
4. It Feels Nice (Prod. by Ryan Leslie)
5. What Ya Sippin On (Feat. AC)

September 4, 2007

Timbo is not Big Pimpin'

Timbo and Jay-Z are being sued for their Big Pimpin Beat by Copyright co-owner Osama Admed Fahmy. Admed Fahmy filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal Court, claiming that Timbaland illegally replayed portions of "Big Pimpin" note-for-note, using a melody lifted from the song "Khosara, Khosara"

One thing is sampling from someones record and another is plain jacking their shit and not paying for what you used...come on Timbo you know the rules get to it - Its called publishing splits - I'm losing respect for you homey!

Read More ----> HERE

I cant wait to hear what Scott Storch has to say about Timbo now...LMAO!

Kanye West feat. Mos Def - "Good Night"

This track will not be on the USA release of Kanye's Graduation, but it will appear on the Japanese release... (Hey man, what about us!)

Kanye West feat. Mos Def "Good Night"

Apple and Volkswagen = "iCar"

Steve Jobs doesn't only work with most car manufactures to integrate the famous ipod into their cars but the dude is planing on creating an iCar with Volkswagen check out the details on