June 7, 2008

Music: Nas - Hero


The 1st single off of his self-titled album "Nas," produced by Polow "the dick" the Don.

Music: G-Unit - Get Down


BooBoo And His Gang Are Back At It Again. They Get Down, Down, Down...

Music: Jay-Z - A Billi


Radio Rip...Bare with us until a better quality version is released.

June 6, 2008

Music: G-Unit - Straight Outta Southside

(When something happens in Queens, NY, nothing happens, it's just another nigga dead....)
Straight out the Crown-side, a crazy motherf*cker named The Product....

That's all I have so far.....

ADOTROBLES: Let's leave this to the Pro's.

Get Em' BooBoo!

June 5, 2008

MUSIC: Nas "Black President" (Full)

Nas "Black President" (Full)

June 3, 2008

T-Pain Launches Digital Record Label

R&B hit maker T-Pain is expanding his portfolio and invading the world of digital music with the launch of his own independent record label, Nappy Boy Digital.

The new venture will provide the Tallahassee, Florida based "sanga" - who is currently signed to Akon's Konvict Music label - a direct outlet to release his hits to fans via all major digital download sites.

"Nappy Boy Digital is a dream come true for me," T-Pain said in a statement. "I'm excited about bringing music by new artists to people fresh out of the studio."

"My life and career so far has been about breaking barriers and this label allows me to continue that by delivering hit songs in real time, no red tape, just good music," he continued. "I'm very proud to be out front on an idea like this."

Check the rest over @ sohh.com

Jermaine Dupri Says Money F'ed Up The Game.

Let get back to doing it for the love!

Video: DJ Enuff Interview With DJ WHOO KID

Music: Young Chris Feat. Peedi Peedi "Kill Me"

Young Chris Feat. Peedi Peedi "Kill Me"

Movie/Documentary: Gunnin' for That #1 Spot Trailer

The official trailer for Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's feature length basketball documentary Gunnin' for That #1 Spot is now online.

Gunnin' for That #1 Spot opens in US theaters on June 27. The trailer is up online here in lo res, hi res and full HD (note this is the full trailer, not the condensed teaser that was up on YouTube around the time of the film's premiere at the Tribeca film festival).

Spotted on Slamxhype

Something Like This Would Never Happen In My House

June 2, 2008

New Video: Plies Feat. Trey Songz "I'm Da Man"

Video: Saigon "True Story" (The New Beginning)

DJ Drama Interviews Lil Wayne About Last Weeks Comments

DJ DRAMA Interviews Lil Wayne:

The Empires Strikes Back At Lil Wayne, “I Got Your Records From Somebody That Sits Next To You On Your Bus.”

New Music: AC Feat. Skyzoo "The Healing"

AC Feat. Skyzoo "The Healing"

Download Track

Rumors: Saigon Signing With Jay-Z

Abandon Nation And Roc Nation... Sounds good to me! and Saigon can see the light of day

Jim Jones Bodyguard Gets Arrested Backstage Summer Jam

After the show ended around 10:30 PM, the rapper’s entourage became involved in a skirmish with police officers, who accused Jones' entourage of attempting to incite a riot, by making references to the Sean Bell shooting.

According to The New Jersey Record, police officers arrested Charles Chandler, 26, for allegedly grabbing a trooper’s head and face with both hands.

Another officer intervened and restrained Chandler, who was arrested and released on $15,000 dollars bail.

Spotted on AllHipHop.com

Well, well… What's a Summer Jam without people getting harassed by the police?

What you read up there is what the New Jersey Record says... but nothing really happens until the cops start something or provoke someone, right?

A friend of mine was backstage throughout the whole ordeal and this is what happened according to him....

Jim Jones had just finished his set, and everyone was backstage chilling, getting ready to hit whatever after party was popping. During these events, there are always undercover police officers around to see that everything goes accordingly and no one gets out of hand. Backstage there are always a lot of people and among the rappers and entourages there were a couple of under covers working. Someone in Jim Jones' crew asked 2 individuals who were they (undercover cops) because they were playing the crew a bit closer then your regular FAN. When asked that, one the undercover (there were 2 of them), pulled out his gun without identifying himself as an officer. Every one started getting rowdy and asking the officer who he was... Anyway, Mr. Charles Chandler was trying to explain to the officer that he should always identify himself FIRST before pulling out his weapon in front of a lot of people. Chandler didn't know this dude was an undercover. How are you supposed to react when something like this happens? Did Chandler put his hands on the officer? Yeah he did, and that was his mistake, he was probably nervous when he grabbed the officers head like you grab a kid's head when trying to explain something.

Don't believe everything you read from the news papers, especially the ones that don't follow our music...