August 17, 2007


Paris Hilton just launched her own line of clothing at LA shop Kitson for young girls. I always wondered what it took to turn little girls into whores!

Heath the Freak!

Here's a screenshot from the new Batman movie staring Heath Ledger as the Joker. Scary, scary, scary! Yes, I know the Joker is supposed to be an insanely weird character, but honestly, Heath looks horrible! He's not a cute dude so this paint on his face and the stringy hair is NOT doing it for me. Give me back Jack Nicholson!

Jay-Z Exposed - Dehaven Speaks out! (Part I and II)

Jay-Z "December 4th - "Fuck the world my defense came
Then dehaven introduced me to the game
Spanish José introduced me to cane
I'm a hustler now"

Ok ok so I am one of those people that love to dissect what rappers say in their rhymes. I think all of us do this as fans. Jay-Z has always mentioned people from his past during Hustler days (Dehaven, Spanish jose, his St. Thomas Connects and many others)back in Marcy projects. Now here comes Dehaven who just came out of a 4 year jail bid, and he is here to "expose" Jay-Z and some of his Roc-A-fella fam (well not anymore).
See my problem with all this is that if Dehaven would've done this, lets say...about the time Jay put out Vol.2 or Vol. 3 then I would've paid attention to his videos. Dehaven is late on this, to tell you the truth he looks really lame for a Marcy street dude!
I finally found someone that says "Youknowwhatimsaying" more then Rakim!

Mega's on the way...

For all you Cormega fans out there whom like me have been waiting for a MINUTE! for Mega's next album to drop there's good news. There's a Legal Hustle Beats album coming out in October (not that special since we want to hear Mega drop some of his jewels on our fat heads) and then the DVD we've all been waiting for drops at the end of October - "Who I Am". It's like a documentary on Mega and what he's been through from a child to now. PICK IT UP!!!

50 Cent - "Part Time Lover" //Lil Wayne & Baby Diss//

Fitty is back to his old self...going at people, this time around he is getting at "the best rapper alive" Lil Wayne (LMAO LMAO,excuse me, i had to laugh at that!)

50 Cent - "Part Time Lover" //Lil Wayne & Baby Diss// (Kay Slay Radio Rip)

In Other T-Pain News...

Check out the new video from Baby Bash featuring T-Pain:

Now a Break From Hip Hop

Although we're huge Hip Hop fans here at NothingButEverything, we also know there are a lot of other great artists out there! Take for example one of our fav Brit imports, Mika! Mika's new single "Big Girl, You Are Beautiful," has been customized for my fav show "Ugly Betty." Check out the video to hear the new promo!

T. Pain Gettin' Busy

Say what you want about T. Pain, he may be weird looking, have questionable dance moves and he may not even be really capable of singing without them voice effects but one things for sure - the guy can make hits. At the Ozone Music Awards he won "Best R&B Artist of the Year" over none other than his mentor and boss, Akon. Lil' Wayne also took home like three awards for best rap artist, mixtape monster and lyricist of the year but thats all irrelevant ;-).

August 16, 2007

The skinny on skinny...

Alright, here we go, my first blog here on NothingButEverything. It is he - King Hand The 1st aka Mr. I WILL hurt your feelings and first thing I need to get off my chest is you fruity f***s and ur skinny jeans - SKINNY JEANS ARE FOR GIRLS!!! See I don't have an issue with everybody being all fashionable and what not but all the metrosexualism goin' on is straight up DISGUSTING. Dudes is really tryin' to wipe out the line between straight and homosexual, and no disrespect to gays (I am in no way bashing homosexuals because you are what you are and you're not ashamed of it) but I'm pretty sure they feel the same way when they come up to these dudes feeling they're just like them and get let down when this dude wit' the thin brows, extra small powder blue shirt and size zero levi's tells them "nah chill, I don't get down like that" YEAH WELL YOU SURE COULD'VE FOOLED ME!!! For real this needs to stop. I'm not saying do the Johnny Handsome and keep it hood all day or go back to wearing size 38's when you're a size 30 'cause not even I would do that (even yours truly brought it down from the XL's to large and medium) but please know where the boundaries are. If you wanted to be a female so bad then at least say you're bi-sexual 'cause ain't no way in the world you're going to tell me you only like stuffin', one day you're going to ask to get STUFFED - I BET MY LIFE ON IT! Like Mack Mittens said, "Come out the closet already"...

Hasta next time homies, keep it hood and stay fly. My name is Hand...

Sheek Louch Feat. Jada Kiss "Survival in the City"

Ok Sheek says this himself... "I don't drop a lot of jewels" (example) -"that nigga sheek rude, ill spit in ur food, tell the women in ur family to suck my dick" (LMAO!) -But I still support the 1/3 of the LOX!

Check out the New Track: Sheek Louch Feat. Jadakiss "Survival In The City"

Paula DeAnda on Regis & Kelly Manana!

The not-yet-legal R&B hottie Paula DeAnda will be live on Regis & Kelly tomorrow morning at 9am to perform her hit song "Walk Away" featuring The DEY and her current hit "Easy."

Peep the video for "Easy" featuring Bow Wow above. Someone wants to be Jay Z!

Heidi From The Hills is the New Britney Y'all!!

Heidi and her douche bag boyfriend Spencer Pratt have been bragging about her new singing career and how she's dropping an album! Well people, here is your chance to hear the new single! It debuted this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. Supposedly Heidi is saying that this really isn't the single, it was just a joke and someone leaked it out to Ryan. Whatever - the point is that now you can hear it for yourself...oooooh! And Spencer RAPS on it too! haha douche bag!!

Click here to listen to the song!

Bill O'Reilly Going After Nas This Time Around.

It seems to me that when something goes wrong, or someones gets killed, ignorant Bill decides to attack/blame/point the finger at the Hip-Hop Community. This dude just has a personal Vendetta against Hip Hop and has his assistant to look up lyrics for him because I'm sure bill doesn't listen to rap at all. This time around he is going at NAS or "Naz" as he pronounces it...and can he let people talk and give there opinion!!! (I wish Cam was there again- "you mad bill, you mad right lol")

Havoc says F@# T.I. ... And the South!

I'm a Queens New Yorker, I was practically raised on the whole Queens Bridge shit and I'm a big fan of the rappers from Queens!...Havoc from Mobb Deep (The Best Group out till they Signed to Fitty!) is one of my favorite producers for all his raw street shit, and I think he should just drop the mic and get back on the production tip!--
Anyway Havoc went on Shade 45 to...actually bash the south (but contradicts himself about ummmm a million times!) and takes a shot at the self proclaimed king of the South T.I. - saying "Fuck T.I., He cant fuck with M.O.B.B" - "The South, they're on their own dick, they're on their own dick"...
Look I'm from NYC, the Mecca of Hip-Hop, where the whole shit started and I love the Artist from my city, But I give credit where credit is due! And the south has been bubbling and doing their thing for the past few years. What does that say about us (NYC)? That we are not doing a good job of making good music. Who has the number one album right now? The dudes from Houston, UGK and I tip my hat to them!. I like to say that there's a time and place for everyone and this is the time for the south. I'm pretty sure we will get our turn to shine once again.
I think Havoc is taking his bosses approach..."Start some Beef before my album comes out." Well Hav that shit doesn't work for everyone. I think you just need to make good music and keep it moving!

Havoc- "This is where it started (NYC), this is where is going to end" (Lets hope he helps out!!!)

With that said,here is the link to the whole interview-

-Havoc talking nonsense-

August 15, 2007

50 Cent-Heeeeee's Baaaaack!

50 cent is back!, or did he ever leave?!...Shit I just saw him on MTV talking about Interscope and the whole leak of his single and video - All and all he is back on his favorite job...BEEF! In this track "South Side" He is Dissing Jimmie Iovine and Irv Gotti. Heyyy what can we say he is on his promotion shit!

50Cent-South Side (Jimmie Iovine and Irv Gotti Diss)

Foxy Brown Bounces...

The Ill Nana Foxy Brown has parted ways with her Record Company Def Jam to get on her Independent game! Fox Boogie will be starting her new Label, Black Rose Ent and it will be Distributed by "The Graveyard" Koch Records. I guess Independent route has to be the shit cause everyone is doing it right! (Alan Grunblatt The New and improved Jerry Heller has to be caking it!?)...or is Fox Boggie letting us know that the big homie Jay-Z will be exiting the Def Jam offices soon... Look out for her album "Brooklyn’s Don Diva" due out in December


Whoa! Who knew pregnancy would do Nicole Richie's body sooo much good! Joel Madden might wanna keep his baby mama knocked up permanently!

See more pix at Egotastic.

Joell Ortiz New Video "Latino"

Joell Ortiz has come a Long ass way, from grinding on the Mixtape circuit, getting an independent deal with Koch Records, Signing to a Major deal with Dr. Dre's Aftermath...I have to say he's a Brooklyn dude... A TRUE HUSTLER!

(doesn't his videos take you to the good era of hip-Hop!)

Talib Kweli Feat. Justin Timberlake /"The Nature"/

Brooklyns own Talib Kweli In collaboration with Justin Timberlake for a bonus track on his new Album Eardrum - Yeah you might think the kid sold out and did his pop thing....umm NOT! Talib stays true to his format!!!

Talib Kweli Feat. Justin Timberlake /"The Nature"/

August 14, 2007

Kanye Was Doing Good Until...

Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne - Barry Bonds (Radio Rip)

"So i picked up the new Complex mag (well I actually took it from the barbershop...fuck it!) and saw that the homey Kanye West was the Guest Editor- I know he's being doing some type of work with them for a couple of years now.  Who else in the music business can pull this off other then Kanye - The dude has a crazy fashion sense and its obviously bringing the 80's style back on a different level
The interview was held by no other then Mr.Mark Ecko himself! and have to say the interview was pretty good. They touched everything from fashion, porn, Style, the new album and Kanye's clothing company Pastelle (finally!!).  In his words we will see the line in stores by November (we'll see, we'll see)
Mr. College Drop Out is one creative dude no matter what people say about him, or how cocky the dude acts he is creative and you cant take that away from him. I personally feel he is one of the artist out right now doing his thing and actually saying something! and yes the others that do create music with him (Common - Talib - Jay-Z)... Kanye works with all types of artist (weather you are saying something productive to the people or not) but I like to think that he brings out the best in some of them.  As the guest editor for Complex on this Issue he had a section of the mag called "Style and Design" that went through A-Z on fashion and people and his thoughts - well everything was all good till he came to the letter W and to me he just fucked up the whole entire vibe of him being the "Guest Editor"... Homey actually said that Lil wayne brings something new to the table - Ok Kanye is working with Wayne on the Carter III and I guess felt generous to big up his homey...BUT who ever thinks that Lil Wayne is good is because you've been brainwashed by all the bullshit. Even the Big Homey Jay-Z can agree...

Some of Waynes lyrics:

1. "Niggas wonder why I stress, that I am the best/ 'cause even bobbleheads tell me yes"

2. "I am sitting on the clouds, I got smoke coming from my seat/ I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet/ playing touch football, on marijuana streets..."

3. "We are not the same, I am a martian" (WTF!)

YOU SHOULD BE HONORED BY MY RAWNESS!... and some of you might call it HATE! (fuck it!)