February 23, 2008

February 21, 2008

Video: Rick Ross Feat. T-Pain "Boss"

What's up with T-Pains hat?

Larry Davis Killed In Prison

Larry Davis, who gained notoriety after wounding six New York police officers in a 1986 shootout, prompting a huge manhunt, has been stabbed to death in prison, according to US officials.
Davis was fatally wounded yesterday at about 7.30pm local time during a recreation break at Shawangunk jail, 80 miles north of New York City, according to a spokesman for the New York state prisons department.
Davis, 41, was stabbed repeatedly with a home-made metal blade in the arms, head, back, upper thigh and chest. Another inmate was being questioned over the killing, said spokesman Erik Kriss.
He was sentenced to 30 years in prison but soon ran afoul of the law again in 1991, when he murdered another drug dealer in prison, resulting in a life sentence.

Hip-Hop mogul/director Damon Dash was developing a picture based on Davis’ life, as was Mona Scott of Violator.

I kind of feel bad for the guy... No one should take the life of another - but really like the saying says "You reap what you sow" / "You live by the gun you die by the gun" I'm sure in the next few days we will know the "why" of his killing.

February 19, 2008

Music: Shareefa Feat. Jadakiss "On Fire"

Shareefa Feat. Jadakiss "On Fire"

Music: Lloyd Banks "I Am Legend"

Lloyd Banks "I Am Legend"

Video: Sheek Louch "Good Love"

Sheek Louch is back... pretty hot song- Why didn't i think of sampling this song! Anyway the song is hot (I think I said that already..oh yeah I did) and the video is pretty creative... who would've thought a hood dude would do some video like this.

Video: John Lennon "Woman Are the N***R Of The World"

Everyone remembers Kelis on the red carpet interrupting the CNN news reporter to tell the everyone that John Lennon had a song called "Woman are the Nigger of the world" - I actually never heard the song but I was curious to find it.. Well thanks to the people over at Rap Up i have it. In This Clip john Lennon explains the title of the song and performance

Video: Talib Kweli "Hostile Gospel" Part 1

TVT Filing for Chapter 11

TVT, which is home to major recording stars like Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz, Pitbull, Ying Yang Twins, The Polyphonic Spree and others, is expected to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week.

TVT Records was founded by its current President, Steve Gottlieb, who launched the label out of his New York City apartment in 1985.

This has to be great news for Pitbull who had various disputes with Steve and the TVT Label over promotions! - Hey pit... Now you van be featured in any record you want, with out having to ask the label head. Do your thing homie! (LOL)


TVT Records plans to continue promoting its current projects, despite the 23-year-old independent label’s decision to file for Chapter 11 reorganization, the company told AllHipHop.com today (Feb 19).

The label also intends to continue preparing for and scheduling upcoming releases, which tentatively includes Crunk Rock, Lil Jon’s long awaited fourth album for TVT and the Ying Yang Twins’ anticipated 2008 release, which is currently untitled.

"I believe that we will emerge from this reorganization a stronger entity," said TVT founder and President Steve Gottlieb. "Our history of innovative marketing, creative branding and artist discovery are as much in demand today as ever before. The downturn in the music business has affected all of us, independents and majors alike. We all seek to adapt to a new business model." (by AllhipHop)

February 18, 2008

Music: Joe Budden "4 Walls"

Joe Budden "4 Walls"

Music: Lil Flip Feat. Mr. Capone "Im A Banger" (T.I. Diss)

Lil Flip is back at it again, trying to get at T.I. I guess things will get ugly soon. T.I. is on house arrest so i'm sure he's pretty mad about that... and this lil track is going to fuel some Heat!

Lil Flip "Im A Banger" (T.I. Diss)

Razah Let's It "Rain"

With a stage name like Razah, you'd expect his vocals to be stabs of gruff-toned, ragamuffin-style patois or jagged rhymes about the inner city's hottest blocks. But the singer born Martell Nelson is slicker than that. There's more romance than gangsterism in his R&B. His sound recalls the smooth edges of the soulful pop and reggae-tinged croons of his musical forebears Michael Jackson, Beres Hammond and Bob Marley.

"I sing emotional songs, but my name is Razah," says the 24-year-old Jamaican-born soulman. "It's like a balance."

On his self-titled debut album, Razah hopes to tip the scales overwhelmingly in his favor. Enlisting new beatmaking talent such as Rykeyz (who contributed four songs) as well as a few known producers including EZ LP, Green Lantern and Norwegian-born production duo, Stargate, Razah assures that the CD still will be his opportunity to shine.

Check out Razah's video for "Rain:"

Video: Flo-Rida Feat. Timbo "Elevator"