July 2, 2008

Video: Asher Roth "Roth Boys"

Funny shit when Dj Cannon comes in the room... and Steve Riffkin pushing the shopping cart.

Movie: "Notorious" Video Diary Production Design.

This is some pretty dope stuff. Funny you see all the credits on the movie screen but never know what they do... Here is one you can jot down.

New Music: Lily Allen "“GWB (Fuck You Very Much)”

Lilly Allen "“GWB (Fuck You Very Much)”

A nice little message for GWB from Lily Allen who is NOT American.. Digging the track.. Snagged this from my homey over at JHM, What up TIM!!!!

Music: NaS Feat. The Game and Chris Brown "Make The World Go Round"

NaS Feat. The Game and Chris Brown "Make The World Go Round"

News: RZA Speaks On Termoil with the WU Members

After nearly a year of public discontent being expressed from Wu Tang members such as U-God and Raekwon, the RZA has decided to clarify his position in these disputes.

Often accused of keeping the fortunes of the Wu Tang empire to himself, the RZA dismisses these claims as lacking substance and merit.

RZA went on to say this...

“They sayin’ U-God suing the RZA for a $170,000. You know what? I could never owe you $170,000,” RZA states incredulously. “But even if I did owe you [that], U-God, after all these years of millions you made, motherf**ka, you gonna come back and b***h about a $170,000? I’m the one who gave you, when nobody would sign U-God, I gave him a million dollar f**king deal! And of that million dollars, I put seven hundred thousand that’s in his pocket. And the rest went to making the record [U-God’s debut, Golden Arms Redemption], and I still spent hundreds of thousands on videos for ‘That’s Gangsta’ and ‘The Bizarre,’ and all that.”

New Music: Young Buck "Terminate On Site" G-Unit Diss

Young Buck - "Terminate On Site" G-Unit Diss

Maino On Shade45 Streetsweeper Radio With Kay Slay

Part One

Part Two

Music: The Cool Kids "Dinner Time" From There Mixtape "That Stupid"

Video: Check out the homey Jay-Z do his thing in Glastonbury