February 12, 2008

Jim Jones Comments on Jay-Z... Again

C: What do you think is the main the reason for their turmoil?(Dame & Jay-Z)
Jim Jones: I don’t know what their turmoil is. You know why I’m pissed off at him [Jay-Z]? He was my favorite rapper and then he just went out like a dud. He had a chance to do the unthinkable and then he did the unthinkable. Where I’m from, loyalty is everything, above and beyond everything. When you violate that, it fucks everything up. Especially when you were the hustler’s poster child and you chose to become a corporate stepchild. That don’t make sense when you’re all black-owned. I took an executive position because I didn’t know the game, I took it to learn both sides of the game; there’s a difference.

Jim Jones sat down with Complex Magazine and this is what he had to say about Jay-Z and Dame Dash....and Loyalty! - This dude is funny as hell, How you gonna talk "LOTALTY" when you were jumping around on the same stage with Curtis and being on Rap City with the whole G-Unit!...

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