August 17, 2007

Jay-Z Exposed - Dehaven Speaks out! (Part I and II)

Jay-Z "December 4th - "Fuck the world my defense came
Then dehaven introduced me to the game
Spanish José introduced me to cane
I'm a hustler now"

Ok ok so I am one of those people that love to dissect what rappers say in their rhymes. I think all of us do this as fans. Jay-Z has always mentioned people from his past during Hustler days (Dehaven, Spanish jose, his St. Thomas Connects and many others)back in Marcy projects. Now here comes Dehaven who just came out of a 4 year jail bid, and he is here to "expose" Jay-Z and some of his Roc-A-fella fam (well not anymore).
See my problem with all this is that if Dehaven would've done this, lets say...about the time Jay put out Vol.2 or Vol. 3 then I would've paid attention to his videos. Dehaven is late on this, to tell you the truth he looks really lame for a Marcy street dude!
I finally found someone that says "Youknowwhatimsaying" more then Rakim!

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