August 15, 2007

Joell Ortiz New Video "Latino"

Joell Ortiz has come a Long ass way, from grinding on the Mixtape circuit, getting an independent deal with Koch Records, Signing to a Major deal with Dr. Dre's Aftermath...I have to say he's a Brooklyn dude... A TRUE HUSTLER!

(doesn't his videos take you to the good era of hip-Hop!)

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Handsome Island said...

Nah, it takes me back to the good era of Handsome's life. Back when I was just a little fat-fu** nick-named "Bun" in Brooklyn poppin' mad sh** and reppin' my hood to death cuz I swore no one could compete with my borough, lol. It seems foolish but it was fun feeling like nothing could stop me and my boys (even though we were barely 12 lol) we swore the whole world revolved around our hood and that we would be them dudes rollin' like the ballers on the block when we got older, but we aint - yet. My name is Hand...

By the way, the guy driving the red convertible whip is Tru-Life's manager, wonder what he's doing in a Joell Ortiz video without Tru being present.