August 14, 2007

Kanye Was Doing Good Until...

Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne - Barry Bonds (Radio Rip)

"So i picked up the new Complex mag (well I actually took it from the barbershop...fuck it!) and saw that the homey Kanye West was the Guest Editor- I know he's being doing some type of work with them for a couple of years now.  Who else in the music business can pull this off other then Kanye - The dude has a crazy fashion sense and its obviously bringing the 80's style back on a different level
The interview was held by no other then Mr.Mark Ecko himself! and have to say the interview was pretty good. They touched everything from fashion, porn, Style, the new album and Kanye's clothing company Pastelle (finally!!).  In his words we will see the line in stores by November (we'll see, we'll see)
Mr. College Drop Out is one creative dude no matter what people say about him, or how cocky the dude acts he is creative and you cant take that away from him. I personally feel he is one of the artist out right now doing his thing and actually saying something! and yes the others that do create music with him (Common - Talib - Jay-Z)... Kanye works with all types of artist (weather you are saying something productive to the people or not) but I like to think that he brings out the best in some of them.  As the guest editor for Complex on this Issue he had a section of the mag called "Style and Design" that went through A-Z on fashion and people and his thoughts - well everything was all good till he came to the letter W and to me he just fucked up the whole entire vibe of him being the "Guest Editor"... Homey actually said that Lil wayne brings something new to the table - Ok Kanye is working with Wayne on the Carter III and I guess felt generous to big up his homey...BUT who ever thinks that Lil Wayne is good is because you've been brainwashed by all the bullshit. Even the Big Homey Jay-Z can agree...

Some of Waynes lyrics:

1. "Niggas wonder why I stress, that I am the best/ 'cause even bobbleheads tell me yes"

2. "I am sitting on the clouds, I got smoke coming from my seat/ I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet/ playing touch football, on marijuana streets..."

3. "We are not the same, I am a martian" (WTF!)

YOU SHOULD BE HONORED BY MY RAWNESS!... and some of you might call it HATE! (fuck it!)

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