August 28, 2007

Kanye West Album Snippets

Kanye West "Graduation" Album Snippets

Well well well I came across this and I wanted people to judge for themselves- My vote is Graduation all day!!! - Curtis, the First half of the album is hot... then it just went up in flames I guess Fitty will be retiring - Hit me up and let me know what you guys thinK.

Track List:

1- Good Morning
2- Champion
3- Stronger
4- I Wonder
5- Good Life
6- Cant Tell Me Nothing
7- Barry Bonds
8- Drunk And Hot Girls
9- Flashing Lights
10- Everything I Am
11- The Glory
12- Homecoming
13- Big Brother


Handsome Island said...

Both of these albums suck! Kanye's a nerdy ass herb and 50's an overpumped fruitcake!!!

Joshua Robles said...

Great album man!
Can't wait till it really comes out.

Handsome, stop hating. Mega will eventually come out with his highly anticipated album, "Legal Hustle Presents: Got Beats?" Just be patient. That should be better than these 2, right?